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Just a quick update. No photos this time

Posted by pepperpikker, 30 June 2011 · 427 views

Day 170 - June 30, 2011 - No photos. Just a quick update. I actually had to water my peppers for the first time in probably a month. We have had ample rain this June so it wasnít necessary. But it has been dry for about a week now with hot sunny weather and now a heat advisory for tomorrow with temps to go past 95. There is no rain in the forecast for...

Going good and weather is looking up

Posted by pepperpikker, 26 June 2011 · 728 views

Day 166 - June 26th, 2011 - It looks like the weather is finally beginning to settle into a normal summer pattern around here. It had been cool and rainy the last couple weeks with little sun. But the weather seems to be moving to something better for growing peppers. Just as long as we donít start hitting a string of nineties again. I was about to water...

That was a tough 2 Weeks

Posted by pepperpikker, 12 June 2011 · 355 views

Day 152 - June 12, 2011 - Well, I havenít posted for a while but after a late freeze warning in late May, we have had HEAT, HEAT, HEAT and Wind, Wind, Wind here in June. Last week we suffered through three days of mid to high 90ís. We finally got a bit of rain and the temps have moderated now to more normal temps for June. Today and tomorrow should be...

The Pepper Express

Posted by pepperpikker, 28 May 2011 · 718 views

May 28 - Day 137 - It looks like Wisconsin Summer is finally here and I have removed the cold frame green house from the elevated garden that has the Ghost Peppers in it. I can always put it back on a temporary basis if necessary. We had a FREEZE Warning the night before last and now in two more days, we are expected to hit 88 degrees for a high.

All my...

Summer is on, Time to let them loose

Posted by pepperpikker, 23 May 2011 · 323 views

May 23 - Day 132, Well, I finally got my all my peppers into their summer homes. The Bhut Jolokiaís have been in the above ground garden for some time now with the cold frame green house on top of it. The other peppers were just hitching a ride in the garden until today when I finally got them potted up in their final containers. So the Ghost Peppers...

Getting close

Posted by pepperpikker, 16 May 2011 · 367 views

Day 125 - May 16, 2011 No photos today, just a quick update. I haven't been able to get my other Peppers into their summer containers due to the unusually cold weather. We had frost warnings last night and again tonight so I figured it is best to keep them in the green house for a few more days. I will be going camping this weekend so it will be...

Transplant to garden is a success

Posted by pepperpikker, 10 May 2011 · 301 views

Day 119 - May 10th - Good news, it looks like the migration from pots to the garden for my Ghost Peppers was a success. They didnít wilt or turn colors or show any signs of stress. It was 80 degrees and sunny here today and the Bhuts look...

The Bhuts are in their new homes now

Posted by pepperpikker, 08 May 2011 · 277 views

May 8, 2011 - Day 117 Well, we are close to the 4 month mark. It really doesnít seem that long ago that I put a few itsy bitsy seeds in some dirt. I think the cold frame green house can be labeled a big success to this point. I not only was able to shut down my indoor grow system and move my plants outside, but I can really tell how the plants have...

Time to kick them out of the nest

Posted by pepperpikker, 27 April 2011 · 411 views

Day 106 - April 27, 2011, Little has happened since my last post until today. I did snip another developing pepper, but this time it was from one of the Banana Peppers. I have been unable to get them outside at all this past week as temps have been at or below 50 for the highs with little to no sun. When there were favorable temps, the wind was too...

My First Fruit of the 2011 Growing Season

Posted by pepperpikker, 20 April 2011 · 723 views

Day 99 - April 20, 2011, Well, it looks like the sunburn that I exposed my peppers to seems to have caused some of the lower (older) leaves to fall off. I understand that the older leaves for some reason are more susceptible to sunburn. I dont think it is going to cause any lasting affects but it has made one of my Ghost Peppers to look a bit like a Dr...

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