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Playing with matches (making labels/logos)

Posted by Sethsquatch, 21 September 2011 · 999 views

So, I'm a graphic designer/art director. I went to school for studio fine art and then went back for an associate degree in graphic design. I love it. Lately, I have not been doing as much as I would like (I blame the shit economy in which ad budgets are some of the first cuts). Fortunately I am still making little projects for myself to keep me engaged.

I just made some rough sauce labels and a logo for my good friend Justaguy. I have some other sauce/flake related designs and such in varied stages but this is the first I feel ok with sharing. I plan to update this blog with new stuff relating to pepper art and packaging as I complete them.

This is just a little bit of me I am sharing with all of you. I use CS5 (photoshop, illustrator, indesign, etc) for my work and root through about 50,000 fonts for each project. If you are in the biz, you know the process. It's tedious starting with research, lots of rough drafts, lots of notes, etc. until you arrive at a final rough of sorts. It has been said no art is ever finished, you just run out of time. That's true.

So, without any more blah blah blah, here is the first entry: Knepper's peppers logo (kneppers is an ambigram) and a sauce label design.

Posted Image

Thanks for looking,



So, we changed a few things up from the rough draft.

We had some concerns with the logoabout the ambigram being unreadable (which is true), and we wanted to get the url in the logo lockup. Here is the first revision:

Posted Image

As for the label, the name was changed to the original name, PEACHY HAB. I added a heat scale and made some minor adjustments to the layout. Here is the black and white:

Posted Image

I will keep updating this blog as the identity and labels move forward. Stay tuned!

I approve this message
Peachy Hab finally has something she can wear out in public.
Thanks bro
This is just our rough draft. I will be updating as we move forward and also discussing some tools/tricks of the trade for other interested parties. Lots of fun doing it!
WOW Seth! No really, I mean WOW!!!!!! I have been staring at this for about 10 minutes, and I am truly blown away. Christi and I talk all the time about how cool it is to watch people who love what they do, DO what they do. This is another example of that. I dabble around, with my business logo and when I get the right font is like friggen Mardi Gras! Not a critique, but I think I like the B&W the best, everything pops! I think the color (and use of color) is the best for Supermarket shelves. Ok, sorry, who's blog is this anyway.....
Thanks for sharing this and keep 'em comin' you badass...
Thanks man. Got lots of stuff coming. Justaguy and I worked through some of the edits yesterday evening. Lots of fun.
Love the logo great job
I agree about the print, much more readable, and I love the heat scale!

edit: what's an ambigram?
An ambigram is a word that reads the same rightside up and upside down.
Great work Seth, I liked the ambigram also, cant wait to see the next progression.. good luck
Thank you kindly sir! It's a blast to work with my two favorite things, sauce/peppers and design!
very nice work
Thanks XLNT. Love your icon btw. I often thought eating some of these peppers akin to swallowing a hand grenade. :lol:

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