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Posted by Redcap, 10 October 2011 · 586 views

Transplanted my little guys today into separate pots.
After, a few looked as though they were on their last legs, curled, limp leaves... :shocked:
So I brought them inside & after a bit of heat from the lamp, they're looking lively again :woohoo:

I realized that one of them was "born" with a 3rd leaf, hoping that one will be a bit faster growing, or something :P

Also made my temporary juice bottle greenhouse. It can house 3 pots, so not ideal, but should help until I get the funds to construct/decide if I need a greenhouse.

Winter -is- very far away where I live (6 months or so), but I don't want to put it off until the last moment and find I don't have time.

Glad to see them come back to life! Considering I only got 1 of 35 seeds surviving from last year (Peat pellets!!11RAGE), it sounds like you're doing great to me. Just remember to give them long drinks, keep them warm and dont let the soil dry out and you should have a grand old time. I suggest when they're 5-6" tall to get a PC fan and rig it up to a timer. 10 min on, 10 min off. It simulates wind and strengthens the trunk of the plant. I did this to my jalapeno and the stalk looks like a small sapling from a tree. XD
Ah sweet, cheers bro :)
Timer isn't an issue, got a few parts layin around to make one up & can grab a fan from one of my old projects I don't use anymore :D

How'd the pellets cause yours to die out? Rotting..? Glad to hear you at least got one to survive and didn't lose them all.

I've read mixed things with regards to the watering. Some say moist, others say a good drink every other day. So far I've been going with the good drink every other day and they seem to be happy.

Might make it every day depending on how hot it gets.
Yeah, they got too wet in the growing container and wetted off (mold/rotted). Apparently that one is getting even tougher too, growing new leaves and there's about 30 jalapenos coming in at once.
Ah, so I should prob air mine every so often instead of letting it live in a jar and spraying it now n then..?

Nice to hear you've got a good amount of fruit coming in :D
Turning 'em in to chilli & sauce?

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