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Well folks this is my first year at Peppers

Posted by SlaveofJESUS, 22 October 2011 · 420 views

My Growing Medium is "Coco Peat" which I have done my home work and found it to be a great growing medium and not only for hydroponics, but seeing that shipping is a big issue here I find it easier to make my own. For coconuts are in abundance here and most of the people here use coconut husk for burning and repelling mosquito's. Anyway I have extracted a lot of Coco Peat for seed propagation and Coir for the 10gallon hydro pots. I plan to add photos of how I processed the Coco Peat&Coir and the current updates on the seedlings.

The fertilizers that I have available locally are fine from what I heard on the island, I have some 2000 year + Bat waste from the caves of Rota and Sea Cucumbers. If you want to see the cave check out exploreRota360 on Face Book https://www.facebook...1...9450&type=3 .The Sea Cucumbers really smell and I have had some in a 5 gallon bucket for 6 weeks and only yesterday did I add some water. I was told by the locals that this stuff is so potent that I will need to be very careful of the amounts applied because Sea Cucumber has a reputation for burning up plants.

Climate Conditions:
I'm sure the weather plays a big part in determining the length of the harvest of the pods but seeing it stays about 85 degree year around and between late March to June 98 +, what impact will this have on my growing season if someone can answer. Also to note the humidity is very high, we had a rainy year and you can breath in the moister, will this have any impact on my plants, any input is greatly appreciated.

So I will provide an initial grow list divided into Seedlings/in-Germination below.

Active Seedlings:

Trinidad Scorpion Butch-T (29)
Chocolate Bhut Jolokia (30)
White Bhut Jolokia (20)
Red Bhut Jolokia (15)

In Germination:

Trinidad Douglah (40)
Herbanero Big Sun (40)
Chocolate Herbanero (30)
Herbanero Big Sun (20)
Chocolate Herbanero (30)
Trinidad Brain Strain (40)
Trinidad Morouga Red Blend (60)
Fatalli Red (250)
Johnny Nardello (15)

I will try to provide pictures and updates as I have time. Special thanks to Ajijoe and SuperHots for the donation of the startup seeds. Also thanks to Justaguy who gave me a great deal on the Red Fatalli X Red Scavina.

I'm assuming the numbers in the brackets are the amount of plants you are growing? Looks like you'll be packing some real heavy firepower there! :onfire: :cool:
Yea, going to use the super hots to add "firepower" to the chili grind I plan to make.
Wow! Some good planting you have going on there. Good luck with the rest.

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