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March Harvest

Posted by Prehensile, 11 March 2013 · 870 views

Pods are a little smaller in winter, first radishes are coming in and put several Morugas into the ground.  

February Harvest and MEAT!!!!

Posted by Prehensile, 18 February 2013 · 651 views

It got COLD on Saturday so I ran around picking peppers, there was a lot more than I thought, the Barrockpores have  tiny pods, maybe cause they where stressed for awhile after puttin em in the ground.  Tasted a Brain Strain for the first time  OMG!!!!!   Shoulder of Pork smoked for 12 hours MM MM GOOD!!!

Happy Thoughts!

Posted by Prehensile, 21 January 2013 · 493 views

Barracks, Brain Strain, Moruga,ETC.

Posted by Prehensile, 31 December 2012 · 1,065 views

Plants slowed down this week a couple 40 degree mornings caused some blossom drop but Barrocks and Brain Strains all ready have pods setting.  planted a few veggies, Tomatoes are getting ripe, Arledge are Tasty. There are so many pics I wanna post but, maybe another day.        

Perty Moruga

Posted by Prehensile, 09 December 2012 · 1,036 views

I was cutting open some Moruga's  and just thought WOW look at that placenta, so here it is...

Fresh is the Best

Posted by Prehensile, 20 November 2012 · 799 views

The Reapers do not have a very good germination rate 2 packs, 1 from Joe the other from Pucker the Butt  got 3 to pop from Joe and Butt's ain't looking much better.....Now my BTs have a much better rate....   Picked some peppers today,  

Spent some time making a bed or two

Posted by Prehensile, 28 October 2012 · 620 views

Barrocks and Brain Strains

Scorpion patch

It's been awhile, got some sweet looking pods now!

Posted by Prehensile, 20 October 2012 · 838 views

Been really busy lately,  repotting and plant maintenance is relegated to the weekends,  here is some of the progress.

Butch Ts

Moruga No 1 and 2

Mystery peppers came from my personal seed stock, parent plants are 3 years old Trinidad...

The Color Purple

Posted by Prehensile, 20 August 2012 · 519 views

Chiltepins, Scorpion Tongue, F3 Scorpion, and A cool looking Scarlet Okra,

Progress is good

Posted by Prehensile, 07 August 2012 · 420 views

After moving my Thai Hots to the North side of the house they have exploded.  Lumbre are producing pods as well as Chiltepin and some Scorpions, just cut down a Banyan tree along with several types of vines seems the bacteria on their leaves was spreading to my plants so by by...

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