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potted up, greening up

Posted by Aji hombre, 05 February 2012 · 1,136 views

Capsicum chinense doesn't like Fox Farms' Light Warrior mix. The C. annuum and C. pubescens are doing fine on the stuff, but the C. chinense--and especially the superhots--have looked poorly from sprouting. Maybe it's the lack of nutes (my opinion) or maybe its the pH, but a week after potting up some of those scrawny yellow seedlings from the starter tray there's a noticeable difference. So I decided to pot up all the seedlings I had 4 inch pots for.

Here's a yellow scorpion X yellow 7-pot hybrid I potted up today (left) and one I transferred to a richer mix (this one was potted up two weeks ago).
Posted Image

Here's a chocolate ghost I potted up a week ago (left) and one I potted up today.
Posted Image

Here's a Trinidad scorpion red potted up a week ago and one from today.
Posted Image

The richer mix is 1/3 Light Warrior and 2/3 a composted horse manure-based potting mix I bought a half-yard of. I'm not getting growth rates to match what others are posting from their indoor chambers, but these little guys are doing okay. All of my plants are on only natural light, in cold-frame conditions outside. Nighttime temps have been in the high 40s and low 50s lately, but February can be frosty, even here.

my oh my that trini X sound familar??
yup. the hybrid is one of yours, Joe!

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