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Starting Some Seed

Posted by mjdiamond83, 10 January 2012 · 900 views

I got my 6' x 3' germination/grow box constructed and got started on germinating some seed. The box is lined with mylar blankets and lighted by 2 105W 5500K CFL bulbs. The inside is about 74 degrees. I didn't have too much potting soil left, so I was only able to start 18 seeds today; three each of 7 pot Jonah, TS Morouga, Yellow Bhut Jolokia, Fatalii, Chad's Bhut x Douglah, and Madballz. I also threw some seeds into ziplock bags and put them on the pellet stove to see if they would germinate faster than in soil (10 Bhut Indian Carbon and 4 each of Patrick's SB7J, Zeitgeist's Cajamarca x Chocolate Bhut, and Bonda Ma Jacques). I picked up 40 lb bags of Potting Soil and Mushroom Compost, so tomorrow when it thaws out I can pot up the rest of my Chinenses.
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Looking good boss man.
Serious business going on here :-)
Nice setup my friend, wish i have more space at home to do that setup...
Nice set up,i would need a new set of nuts if i put that in my living room,the missus will kill me.
Thanks guys. It makes a good use of a spare bedroom. I'm going to use it as a hydro chamber when the seedlings get transplanted in May. Right now it seems like I'm growing more Fungus Gnats than plants though!
fly paper?

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