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Wandering the Capsicum Landscape

Planting Out, First Round.

Posted by PaulG, 08 June 2012 · 1,392 views
plant out, pot-ups and 3 more...
Most of the original round of plants is outside in the ground, or in containers, and at the mercy of the elements!  We just had .2" of rain in five minutes, and the area all around us had hail and lightening, but we dodged the bullet on that one, so far.

There are three things that have been turning over in my head.

First the importance of...

Heading into Spring

Posted by PaulG, 28 March 2012 · 637 views

At this time of the grow out, I've just potted-up to 1 gallon containers for moving out to the greenhouse. Not a lot of action on the grow table under the lights, just lots of branching and budding. Only about 12 plants under the lights, now, mostly annuums and baccatums and 4 chinense varieties.

The weather isn't great, but...

First Month Behind, Germination and Transplanting Phases Completed, page 2

Posted by PaulG, 19 February 2012 · 747 views

Sorry, I had to make a separate entry to include these photos in this update.

The other part of the experiment is how the cut-off stems respond. So far,
they have produced new growth at a pretty rapid pace. Here are the
cut off stems the day the cuttings were taken, and a week later:

Yellow Aji...

First Month Behind, Germination and Transplanting Phases Completed

Posted by PaulG, 19 February 2012 · 825 views
germination, transplanting and 4 more...
Wandering in the germination phase of this season's grow has been interesting. I've figured out that growing pepper plants isn't much different than growing other garden vegetables; they all basicly function the same way. The difficulty with some of the peppers is that I'm trying to grow them out of their climate zone. That means some...

First Days of Germination

Posted by PaulG, 29 January 2012 · 745 views
sprouts are a-poppin

It turns out that the corrugated panels were too efficient. With domes on the germination trays, the temperatures were over 90F. With the lights at 3" from the soil surface and plastic domes on the trays, foil skirts with some air circulation seems to keep everything nice and warm - mid 80"s - and the soil mixes moist. So far the...

Getting Things Going

Posted by PaulG, 29 January 2012 · 688 views
into the dirt

Seeds into starting mix. I am trying two different media, so there are two cells of each variety.
One is Orchid Mix with most of the big stuff sifted out, the other is the Heinz 57 I have always
started my veggie seeds in - basically a little bit of everything from recycled potting soil
to compost with some peat thrown in. Not very...

It's Been Kinda Like a Walkabout

Posted by PaulG, 23 January 2012 · 669 views
first grow
After growing some Serrano and Jalapeno peppers last year, I got interested in something more exotic. After wandering the internet googling for hot pepper information, I felt overwhelmed by the variety of peppers, and opinions. After visiting THP a few times, I liked the tone of the conversations and decided to jump in. So after a lot of walking about in...

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