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It's Been Kinda Like a Walkabout

Posted by PaulG, 23 January 2012 · 663 views

first grow
After growing some Serrano and Jalapeno peppers last year, I got interested in something more exotic. After wandering the internet googling for hot pepper information, I felt overwhelmed by the variety of peppers, and opinions. After visiting THP a few times, I liked the tone of the conversations and decided to jump in. So after a lot of walking about in the world of hot peppers, the journey really begins.

I have looked at a gazillion glogs and stolen just about that many ideas.
If you see anything familiar here, it's because I thought it was cooler than sliced bread.
Thanks to all the great chiliheads for sharing your techniques and ideas. I'll be calling
on you often during the growing season. :doh:


Soaked overnight in distilled water (I have never soaked my seeds before.)
I am starting twenty-four varieties including some I have grown before, a number
of ornamentals for summer color in sunny spots in the yard, and few hots for now.
I may start some more later, we'll see. I hope there aren't too many typos - let me
know if one gets by me, or if I have made an error. Thanks in advance.

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My hope is to spend two or three years finding out what grows well in our neighborhood,
and then to concentrate on those. The letters in parentheses are seed vendors:

c. chinense: Yellow Aji (PG), Choc. Habanero (RF), Wt. Habanero (PM), Fatali (PM),
Red Caribbean Habanero (NMSU), Congo Trinidad (PM), Yellow Jelly
Beans (THSC)

c. baccatum: Inca Red Drop (PM): OmniColor (NMSU), Bishop's Crown (PM)

c. annuum: Black Pearl (THSC), Explosive Ember (THSC), NuMex Twilight (THSC),
Wild Texas Tepin (THSC), Nosegay (USHOT), Chiltepin (NMSU), Bolivian
Rainbow (USHOT), commercial packets: Long Red Cayenne, Serrano,
Poblano, Early Jalapeno, Marconi Rosso

c. frutescens: Tom Thumbs (THC)

c. pubescens: Orange Rocoto (PM)

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