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February 22, 2012

Posted by patrick, 22 February 2012 · 3,066 views

OK my very first blog. Never had the inclination to write one before, never thought I knew anything interesting that other folks would like to read. Not saying I do now but I want to put some thoughts to words without having to worry about offending anyone. This is mine and if you're offended by anything leave. I do not care. I'm not looking for confirmation or rebuttals.

I think part of my personality enjoys arguing. I'm hard headed too. I readily admit when I'm wrong and try not to say things in a way that leaves no doubt. Only the Sith speak in absolutes. Ha! If I'm 100% sure of something I'll say that. Most of the time I use qualifiers because they increase or reduce the absolute quality of a statement. Gives me an easy way out if I'm wrong. How chickenshit is that? Another thing I like to use is experience. If I do something or witness something nobody can call me a liar and nobody can say I'm wrong. First two years I spent on The American Tarantula Society just about every post I made was either saying how pretty the spider in the picture someone posted was or something I had seen/done myself. After those first two years I learned enough that I could answer some questions or at least find where to look for an answer.

I try not to take things personal and am usually successful. The times I do struggle I'll usually post something real quick and that's not always a good thing. It isn't that what I'm saying is wrong or evil it's that I usually leave 90% of what I want to say in my head and not on the page. Good example was calling PepperJoe's post about the new world record pepper a "dick move". What I left off was the reason I said it. We had just spent a week discussing/arguing over the TSMB and the 7 BS and the things that Jim Duffy said and here comes PepperJoe saying it doesn't matter! Huh!? All that thinking and reading I did and it was for naught? SHIT I say! That and what I perceived as his arrogance pissed me off. Should have kept right on going and never said a word. That's hard for me to do.

So with that I think I'm going to keep my attention focused on glogs and growing stuff for a while. Get back into the pepper growing groove and leave the arguements and world records to those who find interest in them.

I do love this site. This time of the year I bet I spend eight hours or more a day here. Needless to say it's the people that make the site so what I'm really saying is I love the people here. Most of 'em anyway and those I don't love I don't hate. Just indifferent for now.

Feel free to say anything you want or nothing at all. I believe I may like doing this but we shall see.

Take care everyone. P

Well said Patrick . I think we all feel the same way. Sometimes you say things spontaneously
and that isn't always a bad thing. We are lucky you are here and spreading the heat to the chili impaired. And helping us newbies with the growing of peppers.

Thank you

I agree with you as well about the Pepper Joe, I think it was more of advertisement for himself during a time that everyone is witnessing the news talk about a new world record pepper my neighbor even asked me if I was growing them this year I told him No. I have enjoyed following your glog and wish you nothing but continued success.
Spot on!
Hope all is swimming my friend, all the best from Oz.
Hey, Patrick! Good to see you on a blog! Hey, we're all people, and this forum is, above all, a social endeavor. It would be bizarre and sterile if there were never any feelings involved. We could all do well to reflect before we speak or write! Live and let live, I say. Folks could easily hold my feet to the fire, so I'm willing to forgive a lot!!
I missed the fireworks--just wanted to say that you have the coolest avatar ever-- it looks like an embryo.
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog folks. I also appreciate the compliments.

I see PJoe has given me credit for a comment posted by POTAWIE. I wonder if I got under his skin? Wasn't my intent. I usually don't shoot the messenger but there are circumstances where I can see it happening. Ha!

Freaking second round of seeds I got in the germinator aren't doing a thing. Same thing happened last year. First round does well and then the second round germination rates drop to single digit numbers. What the hell?

Glad the weekend is here, so looking forward to sleeping in. Not getting much sleep past few days. Anyone have any big plans for the weekend?

Take care all of you.
Well said Patrick. I tend to stay outta the "Hottest" arguments-chances are the hottest pepper has escaped public eye and was unknowingly grown somewhere, or went unpicked, or into the sauce bin...or well, you get the point. There enough REALLY hot really good tasting peppers out there, that I no longer much care...it is a hobby, albeit an all consuming one!This is a great place, no doubt....funny thing though: I was intent on a grow log log this year, so last trip home...off I go,seeds in,"shed" prepped(had 3 1/2 weeks to grow to transplant before leaving again), day 3 the iphone black screens on me, not being a real phone freak-no rush to go spend a wad for a new one-but I wouldn't get on here unless I could start that log. Had lots of issues...made it to transplanting with a few days to spare. Left em a bit under lit-but oh well,
the point of this was that when I got back to work, and immediately jumped back on here..I found the answer to ALL my issues-scanning the glogs etc;had I just swallowed the pride and jumped on and asked a few questions-those problems would've just been little bumps. Stubborn as a rock sometimes.....so much for a quick reply-oops. Anyway-have a great weekend sleepin in, my weekend plans are heading back out manana, and worrying about all my babies til I see em again!
Hey let's see some pictures of your seedlings. I know you must have some going by now.
Ok hot stuff, it is about time for me to post a few pics. Hope it's OK if I do it on my glog.
Season may be ending much sooner than expected. I tweaked my back yesterday and I'm hurting. I have degenerative disk disease, one of the things that got me medically retired from the US Air Force after 18 years. Had a couple of back surgeries already. Felt a disk pop yesterday and wanted to cry like a baby or beat the hell out of something. So far the pain is limited to the lower back and the left butt cheek, nothing down the legs. This is depressing as hell. The two previous times I had to get cut on the few months leading up to the surgeries were some of the most miserable pain filled days of my life and I don't want to go through that again. I just want to scream.
Happy to say my back seems to be improving. Ice is an amazing thing. I am getting tired of drops of ice cold water running down the crack of my you know what. The ice on the spine feels good though.

I've been looking at a lot of guns lately. I did a refinance on my home and took some equity out to pay of some other bills. Decided to reward myself and spent way too much money on a grown man's toy. I bought a freaking assault rifle. I have no need for one, few do but I really wanted one. So I figured I'm an adult I'll make a decision. So I did. Here's a pic of her.

Posted Image

Ruger SR-5.56C
Couldnt agree with you more Patrick. And SWEET rifle. Im a Ruger man myself.

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