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My first try at hydroponics

Posted by slashroot, 27 February 2012 · 1,397 views

hydroponics ebb and flow hydro hydroponic ghe
I'm sure the ebb and flow system could always been built in a better way but there is close to zero DIY hydroponic equipment in my country. These containers was the biggest and most fitting I could find for my limited space. If big tanks and trays were available I might have built one reservoir and tray instead of 3 systems. One benefit is that I can mix the nuts different in each tank depending on the plant stage / types and so on.

The walls are a bit tall but I don't think its going to be a problem?

Posted Image

I choose the GHE nuts, sometime in the future I might try other brands available here. Following the Lucas formula which means no FloraGrow. From what I've heard GHE should be good though :)
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The testing equipment I use. Bought it for a cheap price in China, worked well so far. In case I also have pH strips.
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Closer picture of the middle grow system. They are running with a PPM of about 400. The pH stable around 5.8.
Posted Image

Closer picture of the grow system on the right. Got some Bibb Butterhead Lettuce in there also.
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Picture of the Trinidad Scorpion in the hydro system.
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Picture of the Goats Weed in the hydro system.
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cool bro, i love hydro myself nothing but explosive growth!!

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