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Nagel's Glog

Few more sprouts up...

Posted by Nagel, 10 March 2012 · 978 views

Just a quick entry... Had a few more sprouts show their hooks this morning..

one more Kung Pao
two of the Bishops Crown that I got from LanMan
one of the Orange Habanero from Lanman

Thats pretty fast for the sprouts from Lanman, they were only planted on March 4th! WHOOT!!!

Some Happy Jalapenos, and more varieties planted

Posted by Nagel, 08 March 2012 · 931 views

Well, time for an update...

On 2/27 I planted 4 ea of:

Kung Pao hybrid (Burpee)
Tequila Sunrise Habanero (Burpee)
Poinsettia (Burpee)
Coyame Jalapeno (Burpee)

On 3/4 I planted 4 ea of:

Black Naga
Brain Strain
Hot Paper Lantern
Bishops Crown
Orange Habanero
(all received thru LanMan - Thanks bud!)

So far, I have 2 kung pao, 1 tequila sunrise, 2...

Off to a good start...

Posted by Nagel, 26 February 2012 · 970 views

Well, I started a bunch of seedlings before I found the site, so my first post will be an update on what I already have going on.

To begin with, the first goal for this season is to start everything from seed.. And I do mean EVERYTHING.. In the past I have always purchased flats of flowers and veggies for the yard, and quite honestly, its just getting...

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