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Green Chile Bologna Green Chile Azaderos Tortilla or GCBAT

Posted by Chile Gorilla, 07 March 2012 · 1,218 views

Licon Dairy Barker XXX Hot Dona Maya Chiltepin Sauce Peytons Bologna Hatch Green Chile Wine Vista Flour Tortillas Mesilla Valley New Mexico El Paso
Green Chile Bologna Green Chile Azaderos Tortilla or GCBAT Talk about trailer trash comida deluxe! My favorite green chile fat food is a GCCB or Green Chile Cheeseburger, but my Mother-in-Law made me a really amazing snack as I had just eaten twelve cheeseburgers at various famous GCCB spots all over New Mexico. I needed a lunch to get my chile fix on for the day as I had tons of fresh chile from the Mesilla.

My wife I had just returned from a day trip on the El Paso Mission Trail (Socorro Road FM 258), to see the amazing mission churches of Ysleta and Socorro and the presidio chapel of San Elizario. In the small village of San Elizario, is the amazing Licon Dairy. You have never in your life had Queso Azadero like what Licon Dairy produces. It is simply a masterpiece of tangy, yet mild, creamy melting string cheese.

In 1917, The Peyton Packing Company opened the first slaughter house in El Paso. It was a ten-acre yard, served by a private side track of the El Paso and Southwestern Railroad. They killed and dressed beef cattle, pork and mutton. They also specialized on chorizo, sausages, bacon and lard. Something about Peyton's Chorizo and Bologna cannot be replicated anywhere else.

The chiles were from my cousin's wife, Rebecca Baca's family chile farm in Mesilla, NM. These Barker XXX Hot Green Chile is fantastic and it takes on a special complexity when grown on the river bottom of the Rio Grande around Las Cruces.

Dona Maya Chiltepin Hot Sauce is great suff from Hermisillo, in Sonora, Mexico. It is made from mountain harvested chiltepins, and it is sharp, piquent, and 100% natural.

Vista Supermarket is the genuis new Hispanic market in El Paso, Texas. This eight-store chain was opened up by Mike Piña and his two brothers. The hermanos Piña have created an amazing upscale market like Pro's Ranch Market, and bigger things are to come. Vista makes the best "store-bought" flour tortillas I have ever had in my life.

My mother-in-law put the Vista Flour Tortilla in the oven with Peyton's Bologna, Licon Azadero, Barker XXX chile rajas, and toasted it up. I poured Dona Maya Chiltepin salsa over it, and had it with my father-in-laws famous beans (pintos with weenies chopped up in it) and a glass of Hatch Chile wine from St. Clair Winery in Deming, NM.

It may seem like a big old messy lunch, but the flavor combination of my GCBT was one of my favorite improvised lunches ever. Go ahead and give it a try!

Vista Supermarket Flour Tortilla rating: 5 Gorilla Chile Pods
Dona Maya Chiltepin Salsa rating: 5 Gorilla Chile Pods
Mesilla Valley Barker XXX Chile rating: 5 Gorilla Chile Pods
Licon Dairy Azadero Cheese rating: 5 Gorilla Chile Pods
Peyton's Bologna rating: 4 Gorilla Chile Pods
St Clair Hatch Green Chile Wine: 2 Gorilla Chile Pods