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The 10th Annual Hot Pepper Awards Winners Announced!

Free Seeds

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Time Left - 12 Days, 18 Hours

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It is fairly late for this season, but they will keep for next season.  All super hots, but it will be a random selection.  We sell seeds, but want to encourage gifting.  Couple of rules.


1 - Be honest.  Down the road when you can do some gifting, then do some gifting.
2 - If you can afford to buy your seed stock, then please dont take advantage.


Our main business is the farm, but I also do some metal crafting.  Just finished a ren. fair where I did well.  I want to give back, but think it should go to folk who are struggling.  You wont wind up on a mailing list or anything.  Just looking to tithe and did not grow enough produce to give to the food pantry this year.


Anyway, be honest.  PM me with address and I will gift you some seeds.  If you wanna help with postage and materials, you can send me five bucks (or what ever) via paypal ajdrew@ajdrew.com.  If not, its all good.  Not checking to see who helps with postage.S


Shipping will be when we have other orders to mail.  Cant afford to drive all the way into town when giving things away.  So will combine trips.


Please don't email to that address, it is spammed out.

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