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The 10th Annual Hot Pepper Awards Winners Announced!


Pepper LED Chinense Hydro Hydroponic


Fires Of Nil


The seedlings are about 70% migrated, have culled a few already and have given away a few to good homes.

    Very cool! how much space do you have dedicated to peppers inside? Is thhis your first time rowing indoors?

    25sqft. I did an indoor grow last year, no hydro and no tent though... my study was my tent :P

    Only planning on having 15 plants total this year as well, 8 hydro, 1 is the soon-to-be-bonchi off-pheno reaper in it's 2nd year.

    Reviewing last years gallery and I found this post... last year I planned on 15 plants had 21... this year I plan on 16 peppers plants but 72 total plants. just keep growing and growing...