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  1. Edmick

    Made a comment, Sep 14 2019 06:28 PM

    Fish tacos

  2. Edmick

    Made a comment, Jul 05 2019 10:56 PM

    Another big quake. Last couple days have been pretty crazy

  3. Edmick

    Made a comment, Jul 04 2019 12:41 PM

    Nice little earthquake to start the holiday.

  4. Edmick

    Made a comment, Jun 23 2019 04:18 PM

    Strange year.. temps are unusually pleasant for and I haven't had a single pest issue yet.. No aphids. No thrips.. nothing! Very strange.. not that I'm complaining

    • nmlarson's Photo
      Knock on wood
    • saiias's Photo
      Hope this continues and you have a tremendous year Ed. Apart from the grow down plant of course.
  5. Edmick

    Made a comment, Jun 13 2019 10:23 PM

    A lady stopped by my house yesterday and asked if I was selling the hedge bushes I had in pots in the front yard. Nah, those are my pepper plants and they're not for sale. Lol a nice little ego boost.

    • saiias's Photo
      Good that she mistook them for hedge bushes. Pepper people had police called over as neighbors mistook them to weed.
    • Chorizo857_62J's Photo
      Yard police here don't know a weed from a grass, a hedge plant from a tree, and I'm sure they don't know squat about peppers.
  6. Edmick

    Made a comment, Apr 18 2019 03:10 PM

    Chili cookoff on Saturday! Wish me luck!

    • Edmick's Photo
      No win this time guys. I got a ton of votes but couldn't bring it home. Thanks for the well wishes!
    • Bhuter's Photo
      Aw, bummer. You'll get 'em next time!
    • saiias's Photo
      Next time Ed.. Next time.
  7. Edmick

    Made a comment, Apr 14 2019 12:09 PM

    I love this new espresso machine! I haven't blinked in like 2 hours..

  8. Edmick

    Made a comment, Mar 22 2019 11:59 PM

    Teach your kids how to properly fill out a job application and create a résumé..

    • ako1974's Photo
      Can't you just skip that step and participate in a scandal? If no one spills the beans, no worries!

    • internationalfish's Photo
      Seriously! Why go through all that WORK when you can just start rich!
  9. Edmick

    Made a comment, Mar 15 2019 10:35 PM

    St. Paddys day weekend. Any fellow micks in the house? Was always a big holiday for my family growing up. Sláinte!

    • Uncle_Eccoli's Photo
      Right here. Family tragedies have rendered it a melancholy occasion for me.
  10. Edmick

    Made a comment, Mar 15 2019 04:17 PM

    California's drought is now officially over after more than 7 years. Been getting a crazy amount of rain this winter.

  11. Edmick

    Made a comment, Jan 26 2019 11:53 PM

    You need a horse to move a dead horse..

  12. Edmick

    Made a comment, Jan 24 2019 06:25 PM

    Ruby red grapefruit vodka= floor nap.. Heard it from a friend

  13. Edmick

    Made a comment, Jan 07 2019 11:28 PM

    Brandy and hot chocolate... Cures what ails you.

    • texas blues's Photo
      texas blues
      Tequila. Kills the common cold and most flu's. Ever other ailment is in the kitchen. Making sandwiches for tequila.
  14. Edmick

    Made a comment, Nov 22 2018 03:29 PM

    Mandolin slicers are the work of the devil..

  15. Edmick

    Made a comment, Nov 14 2018 05:57 PM

    Public Service Announcement: Don't mix chocolate and bud light..

    • Crispee-FL's Photo
      Guinness Chocolate lava cake is the best freaking thing I ever had.
    • Edmick's Photo
      It's like drinking coffee after brushing your teeth. Gross
    • charlesquik's Photo
      Don't mix anything with bud light. Better don't drink it a all too.
  16. Edmick

    Made a comment, Nov 04 2018 02:45 PM

    Me: "Babe come here." Wife: "Shut up, I'm not in the mood for your shit.." Marriage is a sacred union folks.. Cherish every moment..

  17. Edmick

    Made a comment, Oct 27 2018 06:59 AM

    You know you're going hunting when you look at your wrist watch and think you put it on upside down. I need a hobby that let's me sleep more..

    • CDNmatt's Photo
      Think thats why I only hunt birds now..after having kids it gave me that same feeling.
    • The Hot Pepper's Photo
      The Hot Pepper
      What's a wrist watch?
  18. Edmick

    Made a comment, Oct 07 2018 12:22 PM

    How bout that McGregor fight..

    • CDNmatt's Photo
      I got so mad watching the hockey game I went to bed early then normal for a sat. I did not mind seeing him taking the loss when I got up this morning though.
    • ako1974's Photo
      Ferguson-Pettis was better. Black Beast is the man!

    • Pepper-Guru's Photo
      Great beating. Khabib is much too much for him and NO ONE saw that right hand coming! ha
  19. Edmick

    Made a comment, Sep 23 2018 11:25 AM

    Hot sauce Sunday! Anyone making any sauce today?

  20. Edmick

    Made a comment, Aug 10 2018 09:23 AM

    had a dream last night that I had 2 bahamian goat plants that were 20 feet tall and loaded with pods. I shoulda taken a picture for you guys..

    • Crispee-FL's Photo
      Hahaha I need some of those seeds
    • The Hot Pepper's Photo
      The Hot Pepper
      Maybe in your dream you were EdTick, so everything was enormous.
    • Ghaleon's Photo
      That sounds nearly as awesome as MLK's dream!
  21. Edmick

    Made a comment, Jul 24 2018 10:38 AM

    It's gonna be a good day folks. Just tried to flush the toilet by pushing down on the light switch..

    • Scoville DeVille's Photo
      Scoville DeVille
      Your switches and levers are too close LOL. I lived in a house once, that if you touched the fridge and the stove at the same time, you got shocked. So fun to have parties there.
    • The Hot Pepper's Photo
      The Hot Pepper
      salsalady has gotten better
    • Scoville DeVille's Photo
      Scoville DeVille
      Then why do I feel like my microwave is spying on me?
  22. Edmick

    Made a comment, Jul 09 2018 03:45 PM

    Why do banks take holidays? of all institutions, commerce and the flow of money never stops, so if anything, they should be open 24/7/365 don't you think?

    • The Hot Pepper's Photo
      The Hot Pepper
      If you worked at a bank you'd want the day off so shutty!!!!!!!
    • Edmick's Photo
      Not only do I not work at a bank, I don't have any money either so it REALLY doesn't concern me haha
    • AJ Drew's Photo
      AJ Drew
      What I love is how your money is instantly gone but it doest arrive instantly.
  23. Edmick

    Made a comment, Jul 03 2018 04:10 PM

    Why is it that vegans refuse to eat anything that comes from an animal but they'll eat fruit and vegetables that are grown from animal manure? Seems like a flawed ideology to me..

    • AJ Drew's Photo
      AJ Drew
      I know vegans who wont use commercially produced manure on their gardens due to animal abuse
    • Ghaleon's Photo
      People that are guilt stricken over the natural order of the world never fail to bring a smirk.
    • peppamang's Photo
      I've learned to photosynthesize. try to top that vegans
  24. Edmick

    Made a comment, Jun 30 2018 12:06 PM

    Was just at the store and saw a mother take her daughters hand to cross the parking lot, and something dawned on me.. Wouldn't it make more sense to split up? "Take my hand honey, if I get hit, I'm taking you with me!". I feel like I've been lied to my whole life..

    • Edmick's Photo
      Thats why I make my wife ride in the bed of my truck. Wouldn't want anything happening to her in the event of a head on collision..
    • Hybrid Mode 01's Photo
      Hybrid Mode 01
      Land mines. I feel ya' TB.
    • Edmick's Photo
      Do you carry one of those crossing guard stop signs too?
  25. Edmick

    Made a comment, Jun 28 2018 02:24 PM

    Booked a tattoo party bus for my wifes birthday party in August. Everyones getting inked!! Bring the pain! woot woot!

    • ako1974's Photo
      Will you pick names out of a hat to decide who gets to picks who's tat?

    • Edmick's Photo
      No my wife did mention that though.. Most of our friends are pretty tat'd up but I don't think anyone would wanna do that.. Lol
    • Crispee-FL's Photo
      Cool idea