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  1. Phil

    Made a comment, Today, 08:53 PM

    Me at 20 yrs: "How long until the acid kicks in?" Me at 45: "How long until the beta blocker kicks in?"

    • Scoville DeVille's Photo
      Scoville DeVille
      A concert at 20: "I smell weed pass it this way!"
      A concert at 50: "I smell Ben Gay can I have some?".
  2. Scoville DeVille

    Made a comment, Today, 07:38 AM

    I like to drink plain water and just THINK about Blueberries. ~La Croix /// It's as if the Grapefruit is in the other room ~La Croix /// Strawberry season is in 6 months water. ~La Croix /// This Watermelon flavored 40 million gallons. ~La Croix