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The 10th Annual Hot Pepper Awards Winners Announced!

Throwdown Rules

Throwdowns are online cooking competitions hosted by thehotpepper.com that occur the first Friday of every month and run until Sunday (unless otherwise stated). Winners are chosen by member votes in a 2-day poll.

Follow these 5 simple rules to enter, and have fun. These rules pertain to all Throwdowns, unless stated otherwise in the actual TD.

1. To enter the TD, please reply to the TD topic with:
a) A name for your creation.
b) A list of all ingredients used.
c) Detailed preparation steps, cooking methods, times, and temps. Measurements and weights are not required, but are appreciated.

2. Your entry must include a hot pepper ingredient.

3. You must also post two presentation pictures (MAX) in the same post as your entry post. It is recommended you take one plating pic (untouched entry), and one that shows the insides (a steak cut open, a burger cut in half, etc.). Any additional pictures in the official entry post will be removed. You may post them in non-official posts, as in, presentation and teaser posts.

4. In order to prove that you made this meal for this TD we ask that you post a Proof of Life. PoL = a dollar amount stated at the beginning of the competition that must be shown in one of your pictures. It must be a picture that shows the ingredients used, so, it may be your teaser, or one of your final pics, but change by itself or with just one ingredient does not count.

5. You must post before the stated deadline.

Please follow all of the rules or you may be disqualified. If you do not post the PoL, or you do not make the deadline, you are automatically disqualified.
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