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Heatbreaking Dawns Mauvais Sang

Aug 29 2013 01:12 AM | JayT in Extreme

Mauvais Sang is a full-time member of the HBD lineup. Is it a big hitter, or should they bench it?

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Heartbreaking Dawns Nuit en Enfer

Aug 28 2013 05:45 PM | JayT in Extreme

Heartbreaking Dawns goes extreme.  Will tasting this sauce leave me with a Nuit en Enfer (Night in Hell)???

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CaJohns Trindad Moruga Scorpion Hot Sauce

Apr 12 2013 02:05 AM | JayT in Extreme

Made with some of the hottest peppers on Earth, will I be able to bear the pain that Cajohns Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Sauce will bestow on me???

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Heatseekers Chilli Incinerator

Jan 14 2013 03:45 AM | JayT in Extreme

I figured for my first Aussie sauce review, I should go with the baddest bully on the block. Will it live up to the hype?

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HBD Goin' Blind:

Sep 03 2012 05:49 PM | JayT in Extreme

You interested in the EXCLUSIVE review of Heartbreaking Dawns' Goin' Blind: Scorpion & Crystal Limited Edition Peppers at the Beach 2012 hot sauce? Read on!

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Danny Cash 1%er

Jul 15 2011 01:30 AM | JayT in Extreme

Danny Cash is a rising star in the hot sauce industry. He has developed a bit of a reputation as being one of the bad boys of hot sauce. Anyone who has met him at a trade show always has an interesting story to tell. I know he loves motorcyles and c...

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AlabamaJacks Exotic Superhots Naga Morich Puree

Apr 12 2011 04:12 PM | JayT in Extreme

I have had a few of AJ's products in the past and have always known that what I was getting was pure quality just like the man that makes them. I popped this open and the smell is intense. I happen to love the smell of fresh pods. That is what a...

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