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Red Hawk Premium Peppers Strawberry Scorpion Sting

Category: Hot Sauce
Style: Superhot fruit hot sauce
Commercial Product: Yes
Product of: USA
Submitted by: RedtailForester
Manufacturer: Red Hawk Premium Peppers
Website: Visit

Ingredients: Strawberries, hot peppers (Trinidad Scorpion & Habanero type peppers), apple juice, sugar, sweet onion, vanilla, citric acid, salt, corn starch.

JayT's Rating:  4.5

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Label/Packaging: As Dan is just starting out, the label is just a printed two-color label with a Scorpion in the center. I am sure he is working on labels.

Appearance/Aroma: The appearance of this sauce is that of a deep red color with a small amount of flecks of skins. No spices readily visible. It looks like it will be much more pourable then I expected considering the ingredients. The aroma is wonderful. It is very strong with strawberries and peppers. It is like combining a strawberry shortcake with a fresh puree of Trinidad Scorpions. Ahhhh.

This is my second review for Dan (RedtailForester), of Red Hawk Premium Peppers. I was so pleased with his B³ sauce that I couldn't wait to review this one. The initial taste of this is tremendously sweet. It is like that of a syrup that you would add to a cocktail, or maybe even the syrup in a pie filling. There is a sneaky ingredient in there that makes you say "hmmm what is that?" After tasting it a few times, I figure it must be the vanilla. Very creative. The peppers hit right away, but are not overpowering. They add their own fruitiness. Taste. Taste. Taste. BLAMO! The heat is there right on your tongue mostly on the tip. Sweat starts forming in the back of my head and my brow. Taste again. Hmm got a strawberry seed. Not good, but they are few and far between. This sauce tastes soooo good. I could see it being good with ice cream, but it may be a little too hot. I don't know. I'll have to try that. It is very sneaky in the way it creeps up on you. The taste is so sweet and good that you just keep eating until before you know it you are enveloped with the warmth and all around burn of the Scorpions. They are not overpowering at all, but the burn is intense. It is very nice in consistency. Very pourable. Now how will I use this?

Heat Level: 8.5
From Nada to Naga (0-10, 10+ being Extreme)

Suggested Uses: I think this is terrific on white meats such as turkey, or chicken. It would work well on fish or shrimp as well. I tried it on a meatball marinara sandwich for a sweet/hot effect, and I loved it on ribs, egg rolls and as a condiment for sandwiches.

Score (5=best)

Heat Accuracy*:



Reviewer's Notes:

This is a great sauce that follows as the hotter cousin to the B³. My only (and it is a small one) complaint is the strawberry seeds. Another winning sauce. Well done Dan.
*Is the heat level on par with the name/ingredients/marketing, etc.


I agree big time and is now one of my favorites!!
Just ordered a bottle based on the reviews. Can't wait to taste it.
Jay, on that pic with the egg rolls, why does it look like two sauces? Which is the RHPP?
Ahhh that is duck sauce on the left with the Strawberry Scorpion Sting.
I will be trying that on eggrolls for my 2012 New Year's day hangover cure. Will advise.
I look forward to trying this as well. Sounds and looks amazing.
Two good reviews from Jay, Redtail is one to watch. Well done.

He's got a sampler pack down in the Marketplace. Can't wait to see this company grow with some cool labels and such soon. Good luck!
All hot sauces are available in 5 oz. woozies and the other products (mustard, relish, jams, etc.) are available in 9 oz. jars. Not all the sauces are available in the 1.5 oz. sample sizes but the majority are.
Great review. Sweet strawberry sauce very interested in trying a bottle.

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