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Tabasco Brand Buffalo Style Hot Sauce

Category: Hot Sauce
Style: Buffalo style cayenne sauce
Commercial Product: Yes
Product of: USA
Manufacturer: McIlhenny Co.
Website: Visit

Ingredients: Red cayenne peppers, distilled vinegar, water, salt, garlic

JayT's Rating:  3.8

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Label/Packaging: The label is a traditional Tabasco diamond shape, but the color is brown. I think they could have done more. Maybe a picture of a chicken wing or something.

Appearance/Aroma: The appearance is a deep reddish-orange. It seems to be a little thicker than traditional Tabasco sauce. The aroma is strong of vinegar and aged cayenne peppers. It really does smell like Buffalo sauce.

I saw this sauce advertised on television, then again in a magazine. I thought, "Tabasco wing sauce? Yeah right." Well, I feel it is my duty to give this a shot and report to you all. I should start by saying that I have no real conviction about traditional Tabasco sauce one way or the other. It is aged peppers in vinegar. The sauce itself is very VERY vinegary and thin. Not my favorite, but I don't hate it either. The obvious difference is the use of cayenne peppers rather than tabasco peppers. Cayenne has a little less heat and the burn hits you on a different part of your mouth. Not to say that there is much burn at all from this sauce, but I will get to that later.

The taste is exactly what it says it will be, Buffalo sauce. Buffalo sauce is a vinegary cayenne sauce that is normally mixed with butter to make it creamy and give it that authentic Buffalo taste. It originated at Anchor Bar, Buffalo NY, when the owner of the bar needed to make a snack for her son and his friends. She threw some wings in some hot oil, and mixed up this type of sauce and Buffalo wings was born. This Tabasco Brand version really does taste like you would expect, but with the same aging process that McIlhenny has been using for 144 years it has depth. It is actually better than I expected. I thought it was just going to be a normal, thin Tabasco sauce that tastes like Buffalo sauce. This is actually thick enough to stick to wings. I am pretty impressed so far. Of course there is almost no heat, but that is to be expected from a sauce meant for the masses I guess. Let's see how it works on food.

Heat Level: 2.5
From Nada to Naga (0-10, 10+ being Extreme)

Suggested Uses: I first tried it on some pizza (I often use hot sauce on pizza and sometimes regular Tabasco). It works well with this. Next, I tried it on wings. Not nearly hot enough for me, and it could use some butter, but still pretty good as a base. That being said, I'll stick with my Defcon 1. You can use this anywhere you would use any other Buffalo sauce, like in dips, and on wings, shrimp, etc.

Score (5=best)

Heat Accuracy*:



Reviewer's Notes:

I will have to say, I wasn't expecting much from this sauce. There is a reason why they never made it before. It's not what they do. It is okay, like all Tabasco products, I don't hate it or love it, but it is pretty authentic in taste. It has even less heat than traditional Tabasco, but it is versatile and fairly inexpensive at $3.39 for a five ounce bottle. Try it and let me know what you think.
*Is the heat level on par with the name/ingredients/marketing, etc.


Good review - I feel about the same with Tobasco brand. - the flavors i've tried have been good not great, with lots of acids. The Chipotle is slightly better for flavor but still sour.

I have a couple Defcons on the way so I'm feeling pretty upbeat about my upcoming wing options! If Defcon was the standard for comparison that's gotta be good stuff. Thanks for the review Jay!
You wont be disappointed LDHS - Thanks JT I was curious about this sauce as well after seeing everywhere lately. May work for the rest of the family and I can always use DMK II to punch it up
Haven't tried it, but their Chipotle rocks.
Tried it a few months back. Disappointing, like all of their products - not much heat at all. It also contains MSG, which I seem to have an unpleasant reaction to. If it needs MSG, it has to be crap.

Same here, get a terrible migraine with anything with msg.

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