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Crazy Steve's Cajun Cukes

Apr 20 2011 12:46 AM | JayT in Misc.

I have met Crazy Steve on a couple of occasions and he is a very dedicated man. It shows in his pickles and salsas. These are high quality. The aroma is great, the texture is a nice crisp pickle, and the taste is, well, Cajun. To me Cajun is a wild...

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Race City Sauce Works The Revenooers Smoked Hab...

Feb 17 2011 07:36 PM | JayT in Misc.

This review is a little more special to me than most, because of two reasons. First, I know Chad, the owner of Race City Sauce Works, and second, because back when he was first trying to get the word out on his sauces he sent me some to try. Now, I w...

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