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White Label Hot Sauce #1

Nov 09 2013 12:45 AM | JayT in Hot Sauce

Let's see if everything really is bigger in Texas.

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PexPeppers HornetBOMB

Sep 24 2013 03:47 AM | JayT in Hot Sauce

PexPeppers presents HornetBOMB.  Will this sauce sting me?  Or will it bomb?

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Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Black Label

Sep 10 2013 10:51 PM | JayT in Hot Sauce

thehotpepper.com premiere review of LDHS Black Label.  Will it bring the heat?  Or is it a dud?

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Heatbreaking Dawns Mauvais Sang

Aug 29 2013 01:12 AM | JayT in Extreme

Mauvais Sang is a full-time member of the HBD lineup. Is it a big hitter, or should they bench it?

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Heartbreaking Dawns Nuit en Enfer

Aug 28 2013 05:45 PM | JayT in Extreme

Heartbreaking Dawns goes extreme.  Will tasting this sauce leave me with a Nuit en Enfer (Night in Hell)???

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Top Secret Recipes Hell Flakes

Jul 03 2013 02:37 AM | JayT in Dry Spice

Pepper flakes from TV's Top Secret Recipes' Todd Wilbur.  Will they make the grade?

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Crazy Gringa Hot Sauce Habanero

Jul 03 2013 02:36 AM | JayT in Hot Sauce

Ho hum, another habanero sauce.  Or is it???

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Crazy Gringa Hot Sauce Jalapeņo

Jul 03 2013 02:35 AM | JayT in Hot Sauce

Jalapeno sauces used to be a dime a dozen, let's see if they still are...

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Apinya Thai Chili Sauce

Apr 12 2013 02:07 AM | JayT in Hot Sauce

This sauce is clearly different. It looks different, feels different, and is packaged differently. Will this sauce be a brand new experience for me?

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CaJohns Trindad Moruga Scorpion Hot Sauce

Apr 12 2013 02:05 AM | JayT in Extreme

Made with some of the hottest peppers on Earth, will I be able to bear the pain that Cajohns Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Sauce will bestow on me???

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