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Hot Sauce 43 reviews

Fat Cat Purry-Purry Sauce
Jun 16 2015  

Will this sauce make me purr or hiss and growl?

Wing Sauce 1 reviews

Defcon Sauces Defense Condition 1
Jan 08 2012  This review is long overdue. John Dilley is a friend of mine and one of the people that I most enjoy in this Industry. I have been to his Defcon Days, seen him at multiple shows, and ev...

Salsa 0 reviews

There are no reviews in this category yet.

BBQ Sauce 5 reviews

Big Daddy's Big Bad Trinidad
Feb 24 2014  The Hot Pepper Award 2013 for BBQ Sauce!  Let's see if it really is The Big Daddy.

Dry Spice 3 reviews

Heartbreaking Dawns Storyville Cajun Blend
Aug 07 2015  

Having received a few sauces from Johnny of Heartbreaking Dawns and enjoyed them all, when he asked if I wanted a spice rub to try I jumped at it! Storyville Cajun Blend is right up my...

Snack Food 1 reviews

Paqui Tortilla Chips Haunted Ghost Pepper
Jan 12 2014  Paqui Tortilla Chips promises these are the hottest tortilla chips ever made.  Let's see if I can handle the heat.

Extreme 7 reviews

Heatbreaking Dawns Mauvais Sang
Aug 29 2013  Mauvais Sang is a full-time member of the HBD lineup. Is it a big hitter, or should they bench it?

Misc. 2 reviews

Crazy Steve's Cajun Cukes
Apr 21 2011  I have met Crazy Steve on a couple of occasions and he is a very dedicated man. It shows in his pickles and salsas. These are high quality. The aroma is great, the texture is a nice cr...


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