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The Internet's #1 chilihead destination presents...
The 9th Annual Hot Pepper Awards

The Hot Peppers Awards is highly regarded as the fiery foods competition that recognizes superior quality products. We have gained the respect of the chilihead community with our efforts and we continue to improve to retain that respect. Our categories are highly focused, which serves the award winner and consumer alike--consumers are able to browse the list of winners by the best of the heat level they desire, as well as by flavor profile. We believe our rigorous standards to be the best in the Industry, and we love to broadcast our winners via social media, as well as offer promos in conjunction with winners.

In our continued pursuit to award only the best, we present the following.

  • Hot Sauce now has 15 highly focused categories, with no pepper types as categories (pepper species have become too expansive and we do not want to dilute the awards). 
  • We now award Best Mild, Medium, Hot, and Extra Hot in Hot Sauce, Salsa, and BBQ Sauce. This replaces the 1st, 2nd, 3rd heat category awards and gives more merit to this award, being a "Best" award under THPA. No 2nd or 3rd.
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  • Foodie and Industry Award consideration is included with each entry, no additional fee.
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  • All winners receive certificates, social media promotion, and press release promotion. Social media promotion is continued throughout the new year.
  • All winners receive professional web award graphics.
  • THPA and Best winners are offered special promotions in conjunction with thehotpepper.com and its members. Contests to win your products, special mentions, etc.
  • Your product must have heat; any heat level, from mild to extreme. The heat is usually from chili peppers but can also be from other known heat sources such as horseradish. We do not judge 0 heat products.
  • No amateur entries. All entries must be commercially made (commercial kitchen, co-packer, mass-production) or you must be in accordance with your local requirements for production, with labels and tamper-free packaging (preferred), and be available for sale somewhere on the Internet*, even if it's only your own website. If amateur entries or entries that appear unsafe for consumption are received they will be discarded and no refund will be given, so do not try to bend this rule. *If your product is not for sale on the Internet yet, you may still submit it, but you must have other products under that name brand for sale on the Internet, or a website that states where your products can be purchased.
  • The product entered must be your creation and one-of-a-kind. Do not send private-label products.
  • You must send two commercial size products for each entry. Commercial size means the size you sell, not samplers.
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Earlybird Deadline - enter online by Oct 15 - $40 per entry
Regular Deadline - e
nter online by Oct 31 - $50 per entry
Final Deadline - enter online by Nov 10* - $60 per entry
*International Deadline Nov 3, airmail only.
Entries close at midnight PST on final deadline and all packages must be shipped within 3 days.

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Once you have entered and paid click HERE for shipping instructions.
Winners announced by year end.
Previous Winners:

Terms and Conditions: No refunds. All payments final. If you pay and fail to send the products on time or at all (or we do not receive the products for any reason) there are no refunds. If you send products that are not safe to judge or are not enterable for any reason there are no refunds. We reserve the right to disqualify any product for any reason using our best judgement regarding the rules and food safety.
Agreement: I am either the owner of the product, or am acting on behalf of the owner with permission to enter. To the best of my knowledge all information is correct. I attest that this product was produced in accordance with safe canning, bottling, and sealing procedures and meets or exceeds legal requirements for food processing. I attest this product is in accordance with the requirements set forth by The Hot Pepper Awards, and that I will be held liable for any unsafe products entered. I agree that my name brands and images may be used in conjunction with The Hot Pepper Awards and thehotpepper.com and its partners for the purposes of marketing and advertising.