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The 11th Annual Hot Pepper Awards ACCEPTING ENTRIES!

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The 11th Annual Hot Pepper Awards - Hot Sauce Edition
For the 11th Annual we are celebrating Hot Sauce! Isn't that what this is all about anyway? We spent 10 seasons judging everything from chocolates, to pickles, bloody marys, and even energy drinks. But we wanted to step back a bit to celebrate the sauce of hot!
What this means is, we will only being accepting entries that are considered hot sauces. Unique and Specialty are welcome, so if it's an oil, paste, or wing sauce, yes, you can enter! We want to get back to basics and not overshadow the condiment that started this all.
Q. Can I enter a spicy BBQ sauce or other condiment?
A. Spicy condiments with a special use must also serve as hot sauces as that's how they will be judged, but we do have various categories such as Specialty, Ethnic, Unique, etc. to accommodate.
Q. Can I enter salsa? Salsa means sauce right?
A. Salsa is a different animal in a lot of cases but some double as hot sauce. Note, it will be judged as hot sauce, not as salsa with chips. So if yours is this type, you may choose the most appropriate categories.
Please use your own best judgement.
The Hot Pepper Awards is highly regarded as the fiery foods competition that recognizes superior quality products. Many manufacturers have reported an increase in sales and website traffic once their product carries the seal of The Hot Pepper Awards. Consumers know, from our past awards, that we only award the best, and we have gained the respect of the chilihead community with our efforts. Our categories are focused, and we only judge products against similar products and/or those with similar heat levels, superhots, etc. We believe our rigorous standards to be the best in the Industry.

-Single Pepper (a "one pepper" sauce)
-Featured Pepper (a pepper is featured, as in a "Habanero" sauce, may have other peppers)
-Pepper Blend (non-superhots blend)
-Pepper-Based (bulk of sauce is pepper(s), single or blend)
-Fruit-Based (fruit-forward)
-Single Pepper (a "one pepper" sauce: a superhot)
-Featured Pepper (a superhot pepper is featured, as in a "Reaper" sauce, may have other peppers)
-Pepper Blend (at least one superhot in blend)
-Pepper-Based (bulk of sauce is superhot pepper(s), single or blend)
-Fruit-Based (fruit-forward with at least one superhot)
-Sweet & Savory
The Hot Pepper Award
Best Overall
Best Awards
5 Heat level awards
5 Pepper type awards - ex: Best Habanero Sauce, etc.
Category Awards
1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards per category
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Foodie Awards
Select food enthusiasts will award products based on food pairings. No fee, included with category entry.
Industry Awards
Industry-focused awards. No fee, included with category entry.
All Winners Receive
A custom certificate with THPA branding and your product name
-Award-Winning web graphics
-Award-Winning print quality graphics
-Press release inclusion
-Vigorous social media promotion
-Some winners will be included in special contests on thehotpepper forum
-Certain promotion will continue throughout the year
-Your product must have heat; any heat level, from mild to extreme. We do not judge 0 heat products. You can enter different heat levels of the same product if they exist, but if choosing one, we recommend the "chilihead friendly" product.
-No amateur or hobby entries. All entries must be commercially made (commercial kitchen, co-packer, mass-production) or you must be in accordance with your local requirements for production, with labels and tamper-free packaging (preferred). If amateur entries or entries that appear unsafe for consumption are received they will be discarded and no refund will be given, so do not try to bend this rule.
-The product entered must be your (company's) creation and one-of-a-kind. Do not send private-label products that are commercially available for anyone to put their label on.
-You must send two (and only two) commercial size products for each product entered no matter how many categories you enter. Commercial size means the size you sell, not samplers.
Earlybird Deadline - Nov 30* - $40 per entry
Regular Deadline - Dec 20* - $50 per entry
Final Deadline - Jan 7 - $60* per entry
*These are "pay by" deadlines, meaning you must enter online by these dates. We recommend you ship ASAP (yes, people have forgotten), and all packages must be received by Jan 15 2018!
Posted Image Extreme Biz members = 25% off of main entry fee, per entry
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Terms and Conditions: No refunds. All payments final. If you pay and fail to send the products on time or at all (or we do not receive the products for any reason) there are no refunds. If you send products that are not safe to judge or are not enterable for any reason there are no refunds. We reserve the right to disqualify any product for any reason using our best judgement regarding the rules and food safety.

Agreement: I am either the owner of the product, or am acting on behalf of the owner with permission to enter. To the best of my knowledge all information is correct. I attest that this product was produced in accordance with safe canning, bottling, and sealing procedures and meets or exceeds legal requirements for food processing. I attest this product is in accordance with the requirements set forth by The Hot Pepper Awards, and that I will be held liable for any unsafe products entered. I agree that my name brands and images may be used in conjunction with The Hot Pepper Awards and thehotpepper.com and its partners for the purposes of marketing and advertising.