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AKR to CLE - Bomba Tacos & Rum is opening a 3rd location this spring, in Beachwood. Can't wait! Swenson's is opening a location not too far from that, in So Euclid. Coolio on the Foodio.
Jan 06 2018 07:27 PM
  • hogleg's Photo
    Swenson's ice cream??
    Jan 06 2018 08:21 PM
  • geeme's Photo
    Swenson's makes ice cream??? Ha! No, this is a local burger joint that's growing. You pull up in your car and park, but not set up like Sonic. Waiter comes out to your car with a menu and takes your order, rain, snow or shine. http://swensonsdriveins.com/
    Jan 07 2018 07:09 PM