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Been ambivalent about using turmeric, but had a :shrug: moment and added it to something a short while ago. Now it's rockin' hard when I cook. Good stuff once you figure it out!
Feb 09 2018 05:27 PM
  • geeme's Photo
    ... and go. Next week they'll say it causes cancer - whatever! But I'd hardly say it has no flavor - au contraire!
    Feb 10 2018 07:28 PM
  • peppamang's Photo
    I think it tastes great. My father swears by it for the arthritis in his hands as well.
    Feb 11 2018 03:25 PM
  • austin87's Photo
    I started running and taking a turmeric/curcumin extract w/ piperine (black pepper) since it's supposed to help with inflammation... not sure it makes a huge difference but I ran a 10k this weekend (6.2 miles) and I'm feeling pretty good about it!
    Feb 12 2018 05:27 PM