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Scoville DeVille

August 1988 was 30 years ago. I was smokin weed, drinking beer and doing burnouts at Golden Gardens park with 500 of my closest friends before I went to work at Anthony's Home Port restaurant. Man, I miss the 80's.
Aug 04 2018 10:31 PM
  • CAPCOM's Photo
    I miss the 70s
    Aug 12 2018 11:04 PM
  • ako1974's Photo
    Just made me think of those "Freedom rock" commercials for 70s music compilations. "Turn it up, man!"

    Aug 13 2018 10:06 AM
  • geeme's Photo
    Married, had 2 kids and divorced in the 80's. A decade I'm happy not to repeat. Sent myself on a cruise in 1990 to celebrate.
    Aug 15 2018 08:34 PM