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If you travel the world, field collect peppers and share them in the community and then a vendor gets them and renames them...is that cool or is that lame?
Oct 06 2019 10:39 AM
  • Ruid's Photo
    Life is entirely too short and fucked up to spend it arguing with people like that. What did he change the name of your pepper to? Obnoxious Douche?
    Oct 10 2019 09:13 AM
  • Pepper-Guru's Photo
    Long fucking story but suffice it to say, they felt the local Costa Rican name Aji Panameno should be changed and sold as Aji Chombo, which is different pepper I found in Panama - those come in yellow or red, shorter, more pumpkin shaped, not as sweet, DIFFERENT COUNTRY. All these finds I documented here on my glogs as well. It’s almost as if they believe themselves some sorts of genius internet investigators, taking tid bit easter eggs from my videos and make up their own reality as th...
    Oct 10 2019 09:58 AM
  • Pepper-Guru's Photo
    ...as they see fit
    Oct 10 2019 10:00 AM