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The 10th Annual Hot Pepper Awards Winners Announced!

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Extreme Membership

Renewal: $35.00 Annually

The Extreme membership is for the member that wants the full THP experience.

You get everything the free membership offers Plus:


  • Extreme membership icon.
  • 500 personal messages capacity.
  • 100 mb of media uploads to your posts, no need for resizing. Just click the full editor, upload your pic, and it will be resized for display along with a thumbnail preview (should yield minimum 1000 images).
  • Free classified-style ads in the new Marketplace system.
  • Set prices and have full control over your sale.
  • Upload pics to enhance your ads
  • Active ads listed in your posts under your Extreme icon.
  • Private forums for Extreme members only.
  • 3 line signature with the ability to post a link.
  • Ability to customize your profile page by uploading a background image, selecting colors, fonts, etc.
  • Media uploads.
  • 100 mb image uploads (should yield minimum 1000 images).
  • Create albums (public and private), categories, slideshows, notes, and comments. No more messing with Photobucket, and more features!
  • Up to 2 blogs. You can list your second as an external blog and it will show in the list of THP blogs, but direct to your own blog.
  • Media uploads.
Billed as an annual subscription. Two Free Months as compared to monthly billed price.

Unlimited Data Add-On available during checkout process.

Terms and conditions may change at any time without notice. No refunds.