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12th Annual Hot Sauce Entry


Entering multiple products? Make sure you "Add to cart" to save your entry details, then, you may click the Back button to enter another product. When finished with all your entries, Checkout.
Please make sure category selection is applicable. We reserve the right to re-categorize.
We have changed the Superhots categories to X-Hot. There was some confusion, so now, instead of the fact of using superhot peppers, it is based on the heat of the product, not the peppers.
Mild, Medium, and Hot sauces, please enter the regular "base" categories.
Extra Hot and Extreme sauces, please enter the X-Hot "base" categories.
All heat levels may enter the "profile" categories.
It is not required to enter base vs. profile, choose which you want to enter, at least 1, up to 3.
-Single Pepper (a "one pepper" sauce)
-Single Pepper X-Hot
-Featured Pepper (a pepper is featured, as in a "Habanero" sauce, may have other peppers)
-Featured Pepper X-Hot
-Pepper Blend (a blend of peppers)
-Pepper Blend X-Hot
-Pepper-Based (bulk of sauce is pepper(s), single or blend)
-Pepper-Based X-Hot
-Fruit-Based (fruit-forward)
-Fruit-Based X-Hot
-Sweet & Savory

Do not enter opposing heat categories with the same product. Example: Yes you can enter Single Pepper X-Hot AND Pepper-Based X-Hot, but NOT Single Pepper, and Single Pepper X-Hot. Those are for the different heat levels.