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cfl from seedlings to flowers

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Posted 02 March 2012 - 12:08 AM

I'm curious as to whether or not the plants utilize more of one spectrum during flower or not, does anyone have a source saying that the plants do best using the same spectrum year round? I always heard that red light helps flower a bit better for all plants whether or not they veg and bloom simultaneously but I haven't seen it in a scientific source. I've been using half 6500K and half 2700K because I think it gives the best spectrum range and the light looks about as close in color to daylight as you can get.

Not sure of a source...but I do know of a member that used only red spectrum and had just ok growth, then switched to more blue and growth took off (Think it was BigCedar???). When I started I ran 2 6500k t8's and 2 6500k t12's and growth was ok...but not great. My setup now is 2x6500k t8's 2x4100k t8's and 7 26 watt 5000k cfl's on a shelf that is about 1.5 x 4 feet. The only reason for the 4100's is I already had them...the only reasoon for the 5000k cfl's is they were $10 for a 4 pack. The same wattage/lumen equivilant 6500k's were twice as much $$$...My plants love it so far, but I believe the main reason for that is I am blasting them with around 3500 lumens per square foot.

I know I read a study about vegatables and which light spectrums work best for each...just don't remember where. I will try to find it and post a link...

stc3248's 2014 grow log

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Posted 02 March 2012 - 01:08 AM

This might shed some light on the subject.......lol. (I know, so gay but I had to do it) It doesn't really have much in it about flowering though.


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Posted 02 March 2012 - 01:57 AM

Yes you can bring a peppers through the whole way with 5500k but they will not produce as much fruit per square foot if you include a red (flowering spectrum). It would be like growing ouside in between two walls only getting mid day(5500k) light then no red (1900k) morning or late afternoon. Growing with an hps would be like a sun rise. I would take my blue spectrum HPS bulb over anything.

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