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Fungus gnats

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Posted 25 March 2012 - 09:00 PM

@ Max, if I was sure there was heavy infestation of gnat larvae, I would knock off most of the old soil when potting up. Maybe spray the roots area with a Neem solution. I know this will set the plant back, but it would be better than re-inserting the gnat larvae in the new container. Also, I'm not sure about using the dunk pellets in the soil itself as you described. It seems like it would work, but it is designed (I think) to be used as a liquid drench.

yeah, I keep checking downstairs I think I killed the majority of them, I went 3 weeks without watering the plants (after I switched soil mixes that was heavier than the previous one I had, and I had just potted up) to wait for them to dry out, and the roots took off, and I think a huge amount of the fungus gnats died as well.. I see a few in the "cool tube" of the light that get fried, but no where as close to the number I had before, I know they are around, but I don't see any flying around which is good. oh and I had bought a soap spray for gnats and stuff, which I used in a few days spraying everything I saw lol.. that worked pretty well, but it's really hard going through 80 plants really well, but luckily I think if I stick to the strips and go back to using the BTI dunks, I should be good

and as far as the dunks go I have these http://www.amazon.co...e/dp/B0071E531Y (wow I just realized how expensive they are on amazon.. these were cheaper than the actual mosquito dunks at Agway, which is why I got these instead.) and since they cover a huge amount of water, like small ponds and stuff, I just sprinkle a little amount in the bucket each time I water, but even when I let it sit for a day or so, I still see a lot of little pellet/grains in there, and I know a good number dissolved in the water... but it's just hard to think more didn't dissolve.. I should fill my water bucket up tomorrow and put the stuff in there for my watering on friday, 1 day of soaking might not be enough

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Posted 25 March 2012 - 10:03 PM

... Re potted all of my plants and got rid of anything that could be remotely infected with larve. As of this evening they look good, no wilting or discoloration. Got a tip from the lady at the nursery , she said I could put a little bit of clean sand on the top of the soil so it will stay dry and that it will be a deterent for the gnats. I took it one step farther and sprayed the sand with Neem before I sprinkled it on top of the soil....

Nicely done! I love it when someone puts down a mine field for those lil bastids. Good luck on seedling recovery... :cool:

@ Max--I've got that same pelletized version of the dunks. I just put 1/4 of a pouch in a bucket with 3-gallons of water. It is my dedicated dunk water. Add more water as needed and let it sit. The pellets and dunks take about a month to fully dissolve, but good to use within a day (I think).

I did have to use it once this year on an overwintered plant. I got lazy and top-watered, and also used Alaska fish oil as a fert--that might have attracted a gnat or three. I left some standing water in the plant tray (lazy). In a couple of days, it was infested with larvae! No sign of any adult flyers, just larvae in that fish fert runoff. So I brewed up some dunk water, drenched the soil of the plant. sprayed the run-off water with Neem and watched the larvae immediately die! Ha Ha Ha. Then completely re-potted that plant in ProMix BX.

I take no chances with gnats getting a foothold this year... :cool:

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Posted 26 March 2012 - 09:00 AM

nice, that's good to know, I need to start getting some 5 gallon buckets from people around here for when I pot up the ones I plan on keeping to overwinter, but I should get one of the other buckets I have around and just use it as the dunk water.

but with the soapy solutions that everyone is talking about, I know they said not to use antibacterial, but I would think all soap is antibacterial.. unless they mean if there is some added ingredient to it besides what makes up the soap, but anyways would something like Irish Spring be ok (someone mentioned the shavings with water in the spray bottle) or would something like dishwashing liquid soap be better.. I forget what I have around, it's in a green squirt container lol, but that doesn't narrow it down much I would think. If I can get away with using the shavings of Irish Spring in the spray bottle, I would happily spray all the spaces between the pots after watering, but I just don't want to be spending $8 on a bottle of spray every couple days. because at this point with so many pots, and I still have to pot up another... 50-60 into party cups from some late seedlings of different varieties that I got started, and I am going to try to control them more than wipe them out, because we've had them around all the time just from the random plants around the house everywhere that my mom keeps around, there not bad, but in the summer they get pretty bad inside.. so if I can keep as many as possible I will consider it successful

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Posted 28 March 2012 - 10:33 PM

Just wanted to thank everyone for thier help on fungus gnats, I have them under control now. I have my dunk water and Neem plus I got some stuff from the local hydroponics shop called SNS209 from Sierra Natural Science. It is a systemic bug repelent. When sprayed on the base of the plant and allowed to soak into the surrounding soil the plant metabolizes it and then the bugs won't bite, supposed to work from the roots to the leaves, sounds good to me. Started it tonight now let's hope it works. Also using Botanicare 3-2-4 progrow along with Cal-Mag and Liquid Karma. The plants have just taken off in the last couple of days new leaves and great color and texture. As of now my grow list is.

Butch T scorpions
Trinidad scorpions
Orange trinidad scorpion
red 7 Pod
Yellow 7 pod
TS Morouga blend
Naga Morich
Naga Jalokia
Bih Jalokia
Jajapeno's and Tobasco's
If I can get even a couple of each to produce well It will be a HOT summer. Thanks again

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