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Legal Sauce -vs- Hobby Sauce

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AJ Drew
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Posted 16 May 2017 - 01:01 AM

Quick note on the personal freedom issue; The US Constitution gives exclusive right to the federal government to control interstate and international commerce.  The Supreme Court has interpreted that in such a way as to give the federal government the right to control commerce within the states a well.  Its just the way it is.  Lets face it, it is there money.  I am sure it would be legal for two people to trade hot sauces between states. 

Now let talk art.  Going to use Lucky Dog as an example.  I just had some of his sauce.  It is only still here cause my daughter loves it so much she frigging hid half our last order.  I found it in the back of her mini fridge while cleaning it out.  I forget what I paid for it, but sure it was more than Kroger's imitation of Frank's Red Hot.  In this case the art is the flavor and what ingredients are required to make that flavor.  The art / flavor is where it is at.  So it seems logical that folk should pass the mechanics, the cooking and bottling, to someone who focuses on that aspect of production.

Lots of folk choose a copacker.  That is where you take your recipes (art) to someone else for production.  The copacker has folk to test acidity, adjust, and get your approval via a test batch. The copacker has or knows someone who knows how to create complaint labels.  The copacker likely has an approved storage facility.  Seems to me that lets the artisan spend more time working on the art itself.

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