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The 10th Annual Hot Pepper Awards Winners Announced!


MR2Jay's 2017 UK Heat Adventure

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Posted 23 January 2017 - 11:59 AM

Been away for a few days and made sure the capillary matting was damp enough to last. Came back to some serious improvement.

Starting to get the first true leaves coming through on the first plants now. I've also invested in a labeller and I can barely ready my own writing half the time  :drooling:

Also had a lot of movement in the propagator although they have become a little leggy in places. Hopefully getting them right under the lamp now might rescue them in time.

Got planty of spare space in there now for the Embassy Naga's when they arrive :dance:




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Posted 27 January 2017 - 08:11 AM

Finger's crossed I sign on the dotted line for a 60ft x 14ft allotment on Saturday. This means things have to step up a gear. Not only that, ity also gives me space for a 6ft x 8ft greenhouse to grow my superhots :dance:


The new grow list comprises of



2x Naga Morich (Planted)
2x Embassy Naga (Planted)
2x Carolina Reaper (Planted)
2x 7 Pot Burgundy (Need to find seeds)
2x Bhut Jolokia White Heat (Need to find seeds)

Outside Growers

2x Chocolate Habenero (Planted)
2x White Habenero (Planted)
2x Aji Limon (Planted)
2x Thai Hot (Planted)
2x Sante Fe Grande (Planted)
2x Satan's Kiss (Planted)
2x Ring Of Fire (Planted)
2x Random House Of Chilli Plants (Planted)
2x Long, Slim Cayenne (Planted but only 1 plant up so far)
2x Aji Crystal (Need to find seeds)
2x Scotch Bonnet MOA (Seeds Bought)
2x Pimenta Cumari (Cumari do Para) (Seeds Bought)


I have now improved my "bringing on" area to cope with this step up in plants I need. Everything should be with me by the middle of next week

In order to house everything, I have gone for a 900x400 boltless racking system offering 5 shelves. This gives me storage for seeds etc as well as 3 useable shelves to bring things on. The bottom shelf I intend to run the Garland Super 7 against the radiator so I don't need lighting there


The underside of each shelf, I'll fit a strip of 2x1/2 inch timber across the width of the shelf. This will allow me to fit hooks to the underside to hang support chains for the lights


In order to provide lighting, I intend to use what I have for one shelf, as that is providing perfect lighting for bringing the seedlings on from hook stage to the first true leaves. In addition to this, on the top section I am fitting one of these to bring the plants on further. I'll eventually fit one of these to both the other growing shelves but for now this will give me a shelf for the next stage


Lastly, in order to protect the MDF, I've bought 4 90cm windowsill trays. As these are 18cm wide, and each shelf is 40cm, I can fit 2 of these per shelf giving plent of waterproof space


As mentioned above, I now have my Scotch Bonnet MOA seeds and Cumari Do Para seeds coming from Juanito on THP. That leaves the 7pot Burgundy, Bhut Jolokia White and Aji Crystal to find

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Posted 27 January 2017 - 01:30 PM

Sorry, I seem to be updating this far too often :P

Can't help it if I'm busy I suppose.

Filled up the first 16 7.5cm pots ready to transplant some of these plants into individual pots this weekend. I didn't want to do it straight from the garage so I'm allowing the soil to heat up a bit before transplanting tomorrow afternoon/evening


As you can see, my upgrade of my growing space couldn't have come too soon.

So here are a few of the plants that I'm ready to transplant. Really pleased with how they are coming along. Nice colours and nicely formed leaves so for



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