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The 11th Annual Hot Pepper Awards - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!


2018 - The Farm

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#1061 TrentL


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Posted 16 May 2018 - 07:35 AM

Today we direct sow some melons and sweet corn at the farm.

Prep the first high tunnel for suspended irrigation lines and finish side walls.

Compact aggregate for a 10x10 slab that we formed up yesterday.

Call in a concrete truck and pour a slab.

Pick up a 2,000 gallon water holding tank.

Build a mobile cart for drip line.

Try to find a source for a few hundred bales of straw.

Set some 4x4 posts. Buy more 4x4 posts.

Mix up potting soil for isolation plants...

Tomorrow we ..

Build a support wall for irrigation piping manifolds.

Plumb in irrigation.

Get drip line run and plumbed in, and test my plumbing contraption.

Receive 52,000 sq foot of ground cover, and start covering the field.

Mix more soil for isolation plants...

Friday? we...

Drive t-posts and suspend trellis for cucumbers

Plant peppers, direct sow cucumbers.. okra.. beans... sweet corn

Run one mile of drip irrigation. Test the irrigation zones

Plant an acre of watermelons..

Pot up isolation plants.. mix more soil...

Think we'll get it done by Friday? haha.. HAHAHAHA yeah right.


There's a dozen things I'm forgetting, too. 

Like.. uhh.. stringing a few hundred tomato plants. 


Finish building the gravel access road.


Finding a high flow water pump for the tank that can push 80gpm 


Ordering fish hydrolysate and soluble rock phosphate


Getting my field map done for MOSA organic certification, plus some other paperwork like tracking down the old owner to get him to sign a sheet saying he never sprayed anything on the horse pasture.


Paying the neighbor for tilling up the north pasture


Ordering a pressure regulator for the first cold frame building, along with clip on drip emitters for the isolation potted plants


Figuring out what other plumbing stuff I need for the mix tank and how I'm going to agitate the soluble ferts in it


Picking up a mess of 4x4's and T-posts for stringing plants and hanging trellising (got 3200 feet of trellising on the way for climbing stuff)




I'm tired.


But there's so much more to do.


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#1062 TrentL


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Posted 17 May 2018 - 08:00 PM

Bad luck continues.


The well ran dry today.


I'm in trouble now.


#1063 Genetikx



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Posted 17 May 2018 - 08:20 PM

Trent man, you're only fnck up is that you didn't film this sh!t from the start. You couldn't write a farming story better than this. You have any idea what the sindication rights would be??? Damn dude, get a friggin camera crew over there asap

Seriously tho, what's the plan? I will say when I was young and we had well water and had to drill deeper, that new water was awesome! Further down u go the better it gets I think!

#1064 TrentL


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Posted 17 May 2018 - 08:51 PM

Well yesterday we poured a slab to start building the irrigation out. Plan is tomorrow we stick a 2,000 gal holding tank on it and start trucking in water.


Was working good until the well ran dry... and I was only running one zone out of 8 planned!












Pics from yesterday. I got that road built too, yesterday. The ladies planted some melons out. And we got those sidewalls and tracks mounted. :)


























#1065 PtMD989



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Posted 18 May 2018 - 12:38 AM

That sucks about the well drying up. How deep is the well?

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#1066 nmlarson


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Posted 18 May 2018 - 10:13 AM

Wow!  What a trial!  And a huge coincidence.  I wonder if it's just something else breaking and the well not actually going dry.  Fingers crossed!

Always listen to experts. They'll tell you what can't be done and why. Then do it.        Robert Heinlein

#1067 TrentL


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Posted 18 May 2018 - 11:19 PM

We picked up a pair of 1550 gallon holding tanks today.


Filled 1300 gallons today out of a garden hose, no hiccups. Let it sit a few hours.


Filled 75 more gallons out of the wide-open irrigation feed, before the well started belching up air.


So it can push 25 gallons a minute.. for about.. oh, 3 minutes, before it's tapped out and shooting out air bubbles. 


But it can run 5 gallons a minute out of a garden hose all day long, it seems. 


So just a supply problem, not a dry problem. 


I've got a well driller coming out tomorrow to give me an estimate on drilling a deeper, bigger, better well that will be able to deliver a target of 80 gallons per minute. The linear drive pump alone will cost over $5,000 for that one. But it'll scale flow from 10gpm to 80gpm depending on what zones I have turned on.


In the meantime we'll keep these tanks topped off and use them to irrigate off of. Another $700 spent on 2hp pump assembly today (which we test soon-ish), and $900 on two 1550 gallon holding tanks.. and just over a grand in cedar posts.. and another thousand bucks (200 t-posts) to support the trellising..


The money bleed continues.


In the meantime I have a MOUNTAIN of paperwork to fill out for MOSA organic certification this weekend.








We'll be moving the pump itself in to the stables in to the old tack room after we test it and tweak it, boring 1.75 and 2.25 diameter holes through that 6" concrete stub wall will be an adventure.. Tack room will become "irrigation control center" lol. 


Keep the rain off the motor and cutoff switch stuff, anyway. :)



#1068 karoo



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Posted Yesterday, 02:05 AM

Love your glog. :onfire:


Always beautiful to see what hard work ( and hard cash ) can do.

" I wish I was as young as the first time I said, " I'm getting to old for this sh!t." "

#1069 TrentL


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Posted Yesterday, 07:31 AM

The saying I've been using lately, with some frequency, has been "this looked so much easier on paper"


I haven't posted pics of them recently but the peppers are all still alive. Rootbound as hell, but still growing.


We stemmed them last week (picked off old wind damaged, sunburnt leaves, leaving new growth) so they have also been ugly as hell for a week. And boy I mean UGLY. But the nodes are sending out new shoots so they'll be happy again soon. They got a good dose of Alaskan Fish Emulsion 5-1-1 last week which will help them recover their growth; gave them another dose this week. 


Some of the annuums (ones which have not yet forked) will get topped after they recover from the first pruning.


#1070 TrentL


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Posted Today, 05:08 AM

Well, the ground cover shipment is still lost in space somewhere, but... screw it. Stuff has to get planted.














What is this? 














To date:


6x rows (267 plants) Nu Mex Vaquero Jalapeno in the dirt!


3x 55' rows of Okra seeded.


5x 55' rows of pickling cucumbers seeded


3x 55' rows of Divergent cantaloupe planted (approx 50 transplants, rest seed)


2x 55' rows of Edens Gem melons planted (approx 30 transplants, rest seed)


3x 200' rows of watermelons seeded (plus 80 transplants)


15x 96' rows of tomatoes planted (amish paste, rose, ace 55, cherry tomatoes, moscovich)



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#1071 TrentL


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Posted Today, 05:18 AM

Going to have to order more dripline. I screwed up when building my zones, I didn't realize the 4 spring 2" pressure regulator I got requires a certain flow to actually work right. That Netafim regulator won't regulate properly until it's seeing like 22 gallons per minute. First zone I ran was only using 6.48, second one slightly less. So I doubled up the drip line to bring it up to 12.26 and 12.20 on those first two zones. Together it will meet the minimum, although my well can't even supply ONE of them right now, reliably. I'm getting enough water on to keep stuff alive, but it's just a matter of time before I burn out my well pump by sucking air. To keep the pressure from blowing out lines (one blevied early on) I had to double up the lines in the first two zones.


New well is in the process of getting engineered, permitting app should be done Monday. Linear drive system that can supply 80 gallon per minute at 40 psi. 


We've run 5,592 feet of dripline (1.02 mile)



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