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Lucky Dog's - 'Purple Label' and 'Brown Label' Hot Sauce!!

21 July 2016 - 04:35 PM

The Purple and the Brown Label were the only two sauces I had yet to try (aside from the Year of the Dog...) until I had sampled the entire line from Luck Dog; both most certainly didn't disappoint and stand proud alongside all the other awesome Lucky Dog sauces!


Purple Label:


I’d classify this as the mildest of the sauces from Lucky Dog; not mild on flavor however! The singular jalapeno’s being used definitely shines with their characteristic fresh and zippy notes. This sauce pairs perfectly with pork for sure, apples being traditional accompaniments with pork and the complementary sweetness of the fruit and with pork being a particularly ‘sweet’ meat, the pairing equals a perfect match! With the backdrop of hickory notes from the smoked salt, this sauce really could go on almost anything that you might want to add a wonderful blend of both smoky flavors and sweetness to. The texture of the Purple Label is precisely that of the apple sauce used as an ingredient, not like a traditional 'free-flowing' hot sauce… I like it! It has real substance and most definitely sticks around and stays put on whatever you may apply it too.


Based on the temperature of the food and how strongly flavored whatever it is you may be using it on, I find the hickory becomes more or less apparent. The smokiness really comes through after the initial sweet notes from the apple sauce and figs diminish. I really liked how the acidity from the apple most wonderfully masks any bite from the vinegar, which to me is always a good thing! (I only like vinegar in specifically vinegar based sauces like the traditional ‘Louisiana Style’ sauces.)


This sauce would be perfect as an introductory sauce for a non-chilehead, or when cooking for friends, family, co-workers, etc. where great flavors are desired but without the risk of burning people too much. I’m going to have lots of fun trying this on all sorts of things!


(The Purple Label was great with this pork, butternut squash, yellow corn and barley burrito. I didn’t toast the tortilla any this time… just left it ‘standard’ style. Last time I toasted tortillas, I was much distracted and burnt one and filled everything with smoke and the complimentary acrid burnt stench that is just sooo nice! Lol! (think it may have even caught fire for a few seconds, so I’m a bit sketchy about that for now!) I threw in some red roccoto’s and an aji amarillo for some added heat and more sweet! Cast iron roasted plantains in coconut oil are always awesome, the Purple Label was a unique topping for that (without the hickory, it would have been better I’d think. Now grilled plantains or even deep fried might be better with the hickory notes complementing!) Lots of fun trying out what works! 




Brown Label:


I’m a huge lover of all things mustard! It was trying out any new mustard I could find that I was always on the lookout for before I ever even discovered the world of sauces outside of those most commercially available at your average grocery store - so any time I see mustard and hot sauce together, I’m most eager to try! I also love all things chipotle - that being before the entire ‘Chipotle Craze’ from several years ago (just like the more recent ‘Ghost Pepper’ tsunami of popularity and the subsequent mass marketing of everything ‘Ghost’ to cash in on the craze). With that said, I’ve sadly been totally disappointed with specifically ‘Chipotle’ sauces. Every last one I’ve had are… well… crap! All were immediately blacklisted to the ‘never buy again’ bin! They were all sooo one note as to complexity, or just weird and funky (nasty!) flavored. If I ever wanted a chipotle sauce, I’d just use the adobo sauce that comes with canned chipotles; that was always immensely better than any ‘sauce’ I tried and you get the peppers to munch on/cook with boot; thats a no brainier for me! (I know there now are some really good chipotle sauces out there, but I’ve yet to try any of them.) So... I was both excited and a bit apprehensive to try the Brown Label from Lucky Dog.


Due to my wary experience of chipotle sauces, I was really hoping this would be more of a mustard sauce -  not so, this is certainly a chipotle sauce…. but it’s actually good, REALLY good!


Those acidic almost acrid notes that seemed to accompany all of the commercially available chipotle sauces I tried was completely lacking! (I think the acridness is due to the over smoking of many of the original peppers. Not all chipotle peppers are created equal!)


The mustard for me acted as a perfect balance for the bold flavors chipotles have that usually dominate everything else it may be applied to. Just like one would use cream in making a chipotle cream sauce, it just makes everything smooth and mellow. I found the mustard flavors do come through more when eating with meats, and particularly warm meats like the brats I really liked it on (quite different from the cold turkey sandwich I also ate it on). I don’t know why this is, but perhaps the fats/oils combine with the natural mustard oils and the added heat makes the mustard notes ‘bloom’ or become more apparent when eating(?). It’s not a flat one-sided chipotle sauce for sure! If your looking for a most delicious chipotle sauce with smoothness and complexity  - it has great heat too with the Bonnets used… a bit of a creeping heat-  then I’d most assuredly recommend the Brown Label!!


Thanks a ton Scott for actually making a killer chipotle sauce, and redeeming my bias towards all those garbage ones I had the displeasure of trying. Lucky Dog wins hands down!


(The Brown Label was so good on brats and a mish mash of root vegetables - steamed red/yellow carrots, roasted beets, potato salad, and Brussels sprouts kraut topped with bits of thick smoked bacon!!)  Cheers!  :cheers:



Lucky Dog’s - ‘Year of the Dog’ Thai Chile Pineapple Hot Sauce!!

16 July 2016 - 05:22 AM

On the description part of the Lucky Dog website, it is stated ‘Year of the Dog may well be Lucky Dog’s best sauce to date’… well, cast my vote for saying it IS Lucky Dog’s best sauce to date! All of the Lucky Dog sauces are top notch (I don’t say that lightly), but this one is in a category all its own. This one is just jammed packed with bold and fresh flavors; I say it indeed stands supreme!


I just couldn’t wait to try this one, especially with such bold claims as it being so ridiculously good. Unscrewing the cap on the new squeeze bottle and peeling back the safety seal, the smell is immediately enticing and exotic; the aroma instantly gets the juices flowing while you anticipate to see if the taste matches as good as it smells! The taste test does not disappoint! Upon initial tasting, an instant rush of both sweet with a little tartness that tickles the tongue is the first thing I experienced, while the ginger and roasted garlic/toasted onion really come forward first for me. I picked up some of the pineapple, but that more so as a contributing factor to the overall sweetness factor - the ginger and roasted/toasted notes from the garlic, onion and sesame were the main flavor profiles. This stuff is fantastic! Hands down the best sauce in the Lucky Dog lineup! There is a noticeable difference in texture and consistency compared to all the other Lucky Dog sauces; this one much smoother (the smoothest?). I’ve always liked the rather rustic or slightly chunky texture of the prior sauces, but the smooth puree with The Year of the Dog perfectly suits this sauce, especially for use as a dipping sauce - no ‘chunks’ falling off during transference from dish to mouth, and it just gives an overall better coating to any food it may be applied to!


Back to the initial flavors… I really love the roasted garlic, toasted onion and sesame seeds in this - I feel without the ‘roasted/toasted notes’, this sauce would be definitely lacking; it would be missing that ‘something’ that ties it all in together. While the sesame seeds are at the end on the list of ingredients, I am picking up a definite roasted sesame seed/oil flavor for sure. Is there anyone who doesn’t love the smell and taste of roasted sesame seeds or oil? Tying perfectly with the Thai or Asian themed sauce, roasted sesame seeds (or more specifically the oil) just happens to be one of ‘those’ smells and tastes right alongside soy sauce that is almost always distinctly described in culinary terminology as being ‘Asian’. Have you ever eaten at a Chinese buffet and many of the dishes have that same underlying flavor and smell that you just can’t place?; it’s most likely the sesame oil! (I've had friends that worked at Chinese buffets before) This sauce has and captures that smell and taste we all know and love!


After gorging and then restraining myself on this sauce the past few days, I’d say this sauce is indeed a very versatile sauce! The pineapple did give me some initial doubts about that though… pineapple being one of those ingredients that can be so forward and distinct that it just tends to shadow everything else it’s combined with. I’d classify ginger as another of those ‘specialized’ ingredients that don’t really serve as well as other things (like tomatoes) to a multiplicity of uses and applications. With the deft touch of an experienced sauce master, such strong flavors have been combined into a symbiotic taste symphony that manages to capture the best of each ingredient and lets its characteristics shine without overpowering the others. Job most well done!


I cannot but highly recommend the Year of the Dog! Go out and buy, order, bribe, or just do something to get some of this in your arsenal of sauces! You will be glad you did… heck, go ahead get 2 bottles while you’re at it!


(Aside from putting this on my morning eggs, I had to make something Asian (no Pad Thai or anything distinctly ‘Thai’… not yet at least!) - so from things I had left stuffed in the cabinets and freezer, I put together some vegetable (cabbage, onion, and carrot) potstickers, Chinese black ‘forbidden’ rice noodles in raw Nama Shoyu soy sauce, cast iron browned black eyed pea tempeh, some raw zucchini strips (later drizzled in chile infused sesame oil) and an egg. The next day for breakfast I also assembled a makeshift Ethiopian platter consisting of an assortment of various sauced lentils, beans, vegetables, and fresh purple carrots and Cherokee tomatoes and cucumber as a palate cleanser (with an egg of course! Haha!) All was served on 3 grain (teff, barley, and wheat) injera.)








04 March 2016 - 09:33 PM

To all my THP friends- just want to pass along a discount for a most delicious sauce! (if you don't know about this sauce, get with it!!) Some of the proceeds help with supporting those within the 'Cancer Community' as well. Lawrence is a great guy + a great heart!


Wrote this on Facebook..


SUPPORT THE CANCER COMMUNITY! (R.I.P. Mom) Sharing discounts with the true sauce lovers- use this for 20% off coupon if you grab at least 2 bottles. Freely SHARE with your cookin', grillin', smokin' friends! 




A DRINKABLE Hot Sauce! Serious addiction potential here- you’ve been warned! 


WUJU is (for me) one of those…’Do I utterly destroy it, or conserve and slowly savor this bottle?’ I conserve mine, such a struggle though- it’s DELICIOUS! The ‘Hot’ version does have some warmth, more for the non-chilehead.. for us here, it’s a go to for a tasty indulgence! Bold flavor, excellent consistency, really unique blending of exotic ingredients- curry powder, mustard, orange juice, chili powder, cumin…. brown sugar! I put this on eggs, ANY kind of pork (pulled!), wings, rice dishes- it worked on everything for me! The brown sugar I thought really made it unique, gives a depth of richness to it! ADDICTIVE!  :P 


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LOOONG Time 'Lurker'- Finally Saying Hi!- From SC!

24 September 2014 - 09:34 AM

Hello everyone here at THP!

I first want to start with a very big THANK YOU to all the posters here who have shared their passion and expertise/experiences with everyone with the utter bewildering magnitude of topics covered here - a literal goldmine of invaluable information! Know also that aside from the regularly posting members (years past or current) , speaking as 'a lurker' you immensly help out tons of people. (every see the number of 'guests' viewing the forums?- it's crazy) So again, thank you!

So yeah, I'm a long time lurker...for at least 2-3 years, perhaps longer. Have been an 'all things plants/gardening' lover since I was knee-high to my grandma's knee planting iris's. In my teen's I was secretly planting guerrilla grows of heirloom tomatoes in various wooded areas (while others were secretly growing pot..haha!). Fast foward to today..

While always loving peppers- lived in both cajun country and Texas in my youth-, it was a severely/drastic change in health conditions that brought me to the hots/super hots for their remedial medicinal value in treating one of the symptoms I was (am) afflicted with. Keeping the topic short- was always extremely healthy/the peak of fitness- literally overnight I started to severely lose weight (weigh only 117lbs now!), my entire mental constitution flipped- severe mental difficulties- hard to think/remember/speak/ let alone type (this post will easily take me over an hour to write!) This all due to the most dramatic lowered loss of hormones my Dr. has ever seen (said levels were like a pre-pubescent girl..unheard of in his 20 yr. practice-thanks doc! Fullblooded raging male to now feeling like a rain beaten daisy.) There are soo many other side effects/symptoms I have (all bad/very bad) I lose count. It was the gastrointestinal issue that came out of nowhere that brings me to the peppers. They have been a great help in several areas, but one especially everyone here knows of-  the 'loosening/expulsive' qualities peppers can have..no more need be said! Lol!

So am now living back w/ my dad, trying/tried my hand at growing peppers on a balcony appartment- no more yard or guerrilla grows! This year was my first grow at peppers, and it was an absolute 'awesome..EPIC Failure'! (first real fail at anything I've ever grown- have two green thumbs usually) Total harvest came out to ONE..yes '1' single Reaper pod! I did however harvest many hundreds of dead blossoms. (I did get to eat some of the would-be-baby-pods under the pistils/stamen of the flowers..is that weird btw? Tasted pretty good actually!).  Learned many things in the process though! This site was a mainstay in helping along the way.

So....Up to now have made do with the grocery store hab's/penos (never even Scotch Bonetts, only orange habs) and cayenne for powder and the occasional hot/superhot from farm markets (very rare if ever - one guy told me in SC 'ghost peppers' are illegal- they will kill you, shred your stomach lining to pieces..I walked away with a smile) and whatever sauces I could find to 'medicate'.  This site opened up the panoramic beauty that is the pepper besides the same-ol' that everyone knows.

So that's my lurkerness- stayed in the backdrop and just read (fed upon) the forums due to it being quite difficult/time consuming to even compose anything to write (the above mentioned health problems..)- don't have really anything to contribute really anyway. (am using my dad's dinosaur..er.. computer only once a day, even on dial-up, yep..they still have that, etc..)

But again- love this site, and am most very thankful for finding it- even if it took over 2 years to finally say so! Much appreciated everyone. Pepper people are the best- this forum rocks..since I 'lurked' in.

Alchymystic (Joel)