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DEFCON CreatorChris Kewley

Hi Chris. I don't know what is going on with Taste the 4th Sense. They haven't placed an order with us in a long time. If Gerry doesn't order it, of course he's having a hard time getting it. We ship to Canada all the time, and never have a problem, you might want to ask him what is going on. If you are going to order some stuff, I think it would cost less (for postage) if you ordered from [url]www.peppers.com[/url]. They do a TON more international shipments than we do, and get much better rates. As for having another Defcon Day in Toronto, it won't be this year, our schedule is already packed. We we're supposed to do one during Memorial Day weekend (May 24-26), but I have some family matters to take care of.
May 07 2008 08:27 AM

Chris KewleyDEFCON Creator

Hello There Defcon I was at Taste The 4th Sense in Toronto over the weekend hoping to pick up some more of your fantastic sauce..........low & behold the teller told me that they are having a bitch of a time getting your sauce in their store, is this true or just a polite way of saying they don't carry your sauce anymore??? Now, I could order it right from you, but believe it or not, I realy do believe in suporting local buisness. And are you still rumbling the idea of having another wing day up here in T.O. Thanks Man Chris
May 06 2008 07:31 PM