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In Topic: Can anyone bring me up to speed as to what has happened since 2011?

15 May 2019 - 04:29 PM

When I was last involved in this community the Butch T was just crowned king, I know that the Reaper is the current "official" king.
Are there any major things (developments, events) I should know about?
I sorted the forum by most viewed and read the threads about the Reaper in 2013 ... that was, interesting, to say the least.
I am curious as to what new varieties I should be looking at; especially for heat + flavour. I have just ordered a bunch of seeds from THSC that I thought were interesting from his video reviews.
What are Bubblegums? I understand that they bleed colour into the stem, and kind of taste sweetish but where did they come from?
It is a little strange being back here and reading my old posts, I am no where close to the person I was 10 years ago.
I am also sitting on a lot of the original (first generation) superhot seeds that I accumulated during 2009-2010, I had a habit of collecting seeds and enjoying the collection of them rather than planting them, I plan on trying to get them germinated under lights during the winter (Australia) if I can.
Might even start a Youtube channel or something to document the process. Would this be of interest to anyone? For nostalgia's sake of germinating old seeds?
Anyways, stay good, be excellent to each other.
It is very humbling to be back here.

Welcome back!
To summarize:

- The reaper is a Primo
- Fatalii is still one of the best
- A lot of crazy, unstable crosses
- Great Habanero/Scotch Bonnet types are gaining interest (Carbonero is a bomb)

Personally I'm stepping back to the old fashioned varieties, both for superhot and mild/sweet peppers.

In Topic: Brown/Chocolate reccomendations?

03 February 2019 - 07:08 PM

Chocolate Bhut Jolokia
Jamaican Hot Chocolate
Chocolate Moruga Scorpion
Chocolate Brainstrain
Big Black Mama

Can't go wrong with these!

In Topic: Is Jamaican Hot Chocolate a hab?

03 February 2019 - 03:11 PM

Nice Im growing both of those this season what are the few others? [emoji41]

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Scotch Bonnet, Bahamian Goat among them.
Then is subjective, but I've heard only good things from pepper people who tried a lot.
I'm staying in the Chinense-Habanero heat level Peppers: if you extend the list to other genus or Scoville Units then you Can add many more.

In Topic: Is Jamaican Hot Chocolate a hab?

03 February 2019 - 02:29 PM

I'm glad this topic was opened, Jamaican Hot Chocolate is so underrated.
It may deserve a mention among the best tasting overall, along with the Fatalii and few others.
Just my opinion.

In Topic: Finally mainstream gives recognition to a true grower.

01 February 2019 - 06:13 PM

Hope it's only one of many recognitions to come for Troy, just a great guy!