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Avoiding Code on a Greenhouse Build

12 February 2018 - 03:39 PM

Looked into code when I built my fences and high tunnel.  Followed the rules that let me escape needing permits and following code.  That and having the University of Kentucky plans to show them didn't hurt things.  Now thinking about building what they call a Deep Winter Greenhouse.  Essentially, the North wall is thick with insulation and the South wall is very steep to let the winter sun pass at a right angle.

If the structure has poles in the ground, I need a permit, inspections, and so on.  If it is sitting on a platform, no permits because it is considered a temporary agricultural structure the same as a high tunnel.  Behind my barn is a partly burred concrete surface that used to be the foundation and base for a grain silo.  Thinking it would be perfect.

Thing is, kind of wondering why more structures are not built that way?  Entire homes, single and double wides, are built as platforms.  Is it fear of tornado?  My high tunnel is three years old.  The rolled plastic needs replaced from storm damage, but it is PVC and even that has held up to our bad weather.  Maybe a fix here and there.  But really thinking platform builds make more sense money wise.

Chocolate Bhutlah SM Photos???

12 February 2018 - 03:06 PM

The creator of the Chocolate Bhutlah SM is a member of THP.  Nice guy.  Hoping he can lend some guidance once folk start posting photos.  Wondering that shape folk should be selecting for.  From what i can tell, folk who bought seed from Puckerbutt and grew it this past year have been getting two distinct shapes.  One favors the Douglah side of its lineage like what we see at Cayenne Dianne for Douglah.  You know, has that fold.  If upside down, looks kind of like a crown.  The other is more like a fat ghost pepper.  Which is most correct?


On stability.  Before anyone gets all up in arms and says the thing is not stable, I dont think many things are 100% and that goes for what we consider to be established lines.  Anything created recently doesnt have the benefit of decades or even centuries that other things created by crossing does.  To have only a couple shapes pop up at this point reflects a serious effort at narrowing it down.  Hats off to Steven and Puckerbutt for getting this thing to market so fast.

Now that it is out, let the crowd sourcing refinement begin.

24 Hour Lighting?

09 February 2018 - 06:22 PM

I sprout and clone under 24 hour light.  I sprout that way mainly because I depend on lighting for a bit of the heat that speeds things up.  I clone that way because it has given me best results.  First 24 hours of darkness then lights always on.  No clue why it works, but read about that cycle, tried it and like the results.  But after things are a couple inches tall, I switch to 12 hours on and twelve hours off.  I would go 16 on and 8 off but I only have enough electricity to run one room at the time.  Until I can afford to have someone run new wiring off the circuit breaker for each room, I am kind of stuck.  So kind of curious if it is worth it to get the wiring done.

Do folk think there is much of a difference between 12 and 16 hours?
Do you think 24 hours is detrimental?

Realistic Seed to Pod time opinions

09 February 2018 - 06:17 PM

My super hots were started December / January.  They will throw pods earlier, but heavy production wont be for 8 months here i Ketucky.  I keep reading claims of 4 months seed to pod.  Maybe seed till odd early pod, but certainly not decent production.  This isnt all peppers, some arent planted yet even though it is February.  Plant some too early and they take up too much room before going out. 

Do you get about the same?

Branch Choppers ??

30 January 2018 - 03:42 PM

Not looking for anything like in the movie Fargo despite the door to door JWs and the likes.  But would like one that will chop up maybe an inch thick branch.  Does anyone have any experience in this area?  Would like to point one at the various gardens and just blast away.