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AJ Drew

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How do you clone?

23 May 2018 - 05:23 PM

For cloning, I use mortar trays from Lowes to hold the water.  I warm the water with an fish tank heater and aerate with a fish tank bubbler.  I use solo cups with holes in the bottom and sterile potting soil.  Works great.  Costs next to nothing.


Have seen commercial plug and play packages but never goofed with one.  Wondering if anyone has any practical experience with the prefab units.  If so, what are they other than a way to keep the water warm and airated?

Phototron II ???

23 May 2018 - 05:17 PM

I remember Phototron II being advertised in playboy magazine when I was a kid.  At the time, DIY hydroponics were black magic so the results of the unit seemed like magic.  Today, not so much.  Folk have figured out how easy hydroponics can be.  With that, they have figured out that you can increase production with even a home made system.  And yet, the thing continues to sell.

Maybe they remain popular because they are a plug and play sort of set up.  But I wonder if maybe they arent on to something other than hydroponic and lighting simplicity. 

Raising Fish / Koi with a Garden

23 May 2018 - 04:43 PM

I forget his name, but we have a member who had a business raising fish.  Think we swapped seeds or were in a train together.  Hope he is still here.  Wondering if anyone raises fish outdoors as part of their gardening efforts.  Maybe just  a Koi pond in their garden for appearance.

Obviously aquponics can work fish into a gardening effort, but am wondering about the benefits of something simpler.  Like watering the garden from a koi pond.  I wonder if it is worth the effort.  If enough nutrient is stored in the type of clear water associated with ornamental ponds.

Best poop for peppers?

22 May 2018 - 12:58 PM

Have never used straight chicken poop before.  Decided to experiment with five plants.  Poop is aged about a year, but aged inside, by itself, no rain and not mixed with much hay or straw.  Dug holes in rows, put in poop, and planted directly.  So far, none of the burning I expected.  Had always thought chicken poop was too harsh to be used alone.  Usually, I scrape the barn and put it in a pile outdoors for a year with all sorts of other compost (leaves, twigs, grass, kitchen waste).

Anyone have any experience with chicken poop?

What animal waste is the best?  Thinking on fetching horse for next year but no experience.  Its free, but will take much work and not sure I can convince the kids to shovel horse poop.

If Gardening a Family thing for you?

21 May 2018 - 12:59 PM

Have a mentor in agriculture named Bob.  Used to work for him.  Great conversations.  Not that I was like a son to him, but his family has always farmed, his kids had no interest, their kids had no interest, and I was someone to talk to.  I once asked him if when he was a kid, he got paid for working his family farm.  He answered: Ye, there was supper on the table.

My kids help me a lot, but till this year it has always been a chore.  I have always had to ask.  This year, my daughter wanted a garden of her own.  When I say her own, I mean it.  I get yelled at if I do anything in her garden.  So far she has corn, green beans, spaghetti squash, tomato, cucumbers, and dipper gourds out the ground and growing fine.  Peas too, but they arent doing all that great. Check her out, she is the energizer bunny compared to her dad.


But it is the son who is making plant out feel like a real family event.  I do the planting and then he mulches the plants I have put in.  So we sit there, me on one side of the row, him on the other, talking and talking.  I try to stay on topic and use the planting as some of his school work, esplaining why we set rows the way we do, why we mulch and related topics.  But it always turns to video games and movies.

How about your family?  Is gardening one of those things you do together?