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Weed wackere blades???

Yesterday, 09:13 PM

Have weed wacker.  It came with two head options.  Thick fishing wire and then individual rubber things that slip on.  After a bit of trouble with the thick fishing wire, I went with the individual things that slip on.  I am very happy with it, but I think I can get a better cut with something I saw at the store.

There are replacement heads that use hard plastic blades.  Three or four I think.  Has anyone used them?  Wondering if they are any better than the rubbery individual things.

Ghost Pepper - Which is most proper red?

Yesterday, 03:03 AM

I forget where i saw it, but I saw seeds listed as "smooth" ghost peppers.  Over the years, I have seen all sorts of things called ghost peppers. The occasional grocery store finds look more like habs.  From growers, I have seen gnarly pimpled flesh and I have seen smoother flesh but still with the ghost pepper shape.

So which skin texture do you think is most proper?  I know I like the look of the pimplier ones better, but not sure what is the most accurate / true to form.

Growing peppers in Southern States

Yesterday, 02:40 AM

Have seen much shade cloth being used to grow in Southern states.  A lot in Florida.  Also noting harvest times are very different.  I know absolutely nothing about these other states.  Have been Midwest most of my life.  Can folk growing in the Southern states share with me what it is like?

Really curious to know about Florida because I would think you could overwinter out doors.  Does it really get cold enough to kill a plant down there?  If so, I must sound like an idiot.  Are there places in the US where you can grow year round?

How do you transact money?

14 July 2017 - 06:51 PM

Online, we use paypal because doing so means we never see your credit / debit card number.  Also, most of the complaints of paypal are by sellers who get the money refunded to the buyer.  I figure it gives the buyer more confidence.  It lets you use credit, debit, or even checks.

In person, we use Square which lets you do much the same.

Help me out here cause I am very confused.  A customer just kind of ignores our online store and asks questions.  I started getting confused when s/he asked about payment.  I replied we use Paypal which lets you use credit, debit, and checks.  S/he replies that Paypal are a bunch of thieves.  So I explain we are about to have a phone number, when we do, we can take credit and debit over the phone via square.  S/he explains they dont use credit or debit.  So my wife reminded me square will let us take checks too.  I explain that but they say they wont give their account number out over the phone.

Is someone screwing with me or is there something I am missing? 

Why no aquaponics?

14 July 2017 - 01:54 AM

A bit ago I asked if anyone was doing aquaponics with peppers.  Nobody replied.  So I am going to guess there arent enough folk doing it to notice the post.  Makes me wonder why not?  I know we have folk who grow via hydroponics.  Could there be something extra challenging about growing peppers with fish poop instead of chemicals?

The lack of interest makes me wonder if maybe my idea isn't a bad one for one reason or another.  My thinking was that a person could use aquaponics to not only grow peppers and fish, but to keep your green house a wee bit warmer in the winter time.  Lots of winter green houses use barrels of water to hold the days heat.  Was thinking take it a step forward and heat the water to a comfortable level for the fish and let that heat help heat the green house. 

Is that too nutty?