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The 11th Annual Hot Pepper Awards ACCEPTING ENTRIES!

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#1505995 Pepper People are the Best

Posted by Trident chilli on 20 November 2017 - 11:05 AM

Massive shout out to Sandra - Foggia can't thank you enough for your generosity ... really great varieties- roll on 2018 ...


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#1505200 TBG's First Chilli Blitz! (2017-18)

Posted by Trident chilli on 15 November 2017 - 05:00 AM

Great fresh looking salsa just shows simple is best .... plants and patch first class .. wishing you a fruitful season down there

#1504814 Hello from NC!

Posted by Trident chilli on 13 November 2017 - 05:03 AM

Hello and welcome from the UK

#1503850 Tridents Bonnet Set - Season 4

Posted by Trident chilli on 07 November 2017 - 03:52 PM

John, it wasn't necessarily your weather it was just those things were so unstable.  More hab shapes than goat shapes.  A guy in Italy got a plant that was mostly perfect.  Even my original plant the first wave of about 8 pods was like huge bonnets then the next big wave of pods was mostly goat shapes.  I have seen almost every color possible come out of them this year.
Here is a picture I thought you would like.  This is Sandra's last bonnet pull this year.  I think she said she picked most if not all of these green before a freeze and they have ripened up nicely in her garage.

Unbelievable harvest with super shaped bonnets ... Sandra certainly has green fingers ... loving the Brown's thank you Justin for posting

#1503847 Pepper People are the Best

Posted by Trident chilli on 07 November 2017 - 03:32 PM

Simmy thanks a lot for the chilli parcel that arrived today ... great to have the Freeport Orange back in my SB seed bank I thought I had lost this variety ... great pods and powder you are the man


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#1503846 A special Scotch bonnet? Or, just regular?

Posted by Trident chilli on 07 November 2017 - 03:24 PM

Firstly there are many types of Scotch Bonnets in all shapes and sizes such as UFO shaped, elongated and bulbous ... what most would consider the perfect pheno is the MoA - Jamaican Ministry of Agriculture SB although there are many close to that pheno those being Allen Boatmans True Jamaican SB, P.Dreadies Select, Beth Boyd's and finally the Yellow Foodarama .. great to read you lucked into potentially authentic seed from Jamaica if the neighbor to your parents sourced them from there. They certainly have the shape but I agree with some of the earlier comments with reference to taste .. most SB's have a floral aroma which is clear not musky but this season I grew again a bonnet similar to yours "Schnieder Farm" which didn't have that overwhelming flora taste and had a thicker wall than most

The Jamaican Mushroom pod has a flatter top so I would rule that variety out .. shame we couldn't see the pods on the plant ... Annumm leaves being more spear shaped rather than the usual SB C. Chinense a broader hand sized shape leaf

Enjoy your pod and grow it out next season

#1503604 P. Dreadie Memorial Group Grow 2016

Posted by Trident chilli on 06 November 2017 - 10:45 AM

Sorry to link a vid from that guy, but I had a few questions here.

Is this back story correct? Is that the way the P. Dreadie scotch bonnet pheno is suposed to look?

That pod looks completely different to what I grew, and what I thought the pods were supposed to look like.

The back story has some truth however, when I wrote to Erin he wrote back #20 and explained in detail how the P. Dreadie came about

So simply there are two distinct Pheno's "standard" and "Select" ... we all strive to grow that perfect select shaped pod but I have found that growers in the States win over hands down because here in the U.K. We don't get the heat and humidity. Yes it's a nice large pod but to me it's more standard than select

On a plant I may only get a very small percentage which I could truthfully say were select ... as for HE saying Mr Duffy is the only one with select seeds ... I suggest HE reads this thread

#1503220 Tridents Bonnet Set - Season 4

Posted by Trident chilli on 04 November 2017 - 08:55 AM

Last harvest and all plants removed from the polytunnel ... already looking forward to 2018 and another bonnet adventure


ScotchBrain Long x Yellow BBG7


Lemon drops which had to be finished off under the grow lights as none matured in the polytunnel


Stage cleared plants ready to be pulled from their pots


Database to be updated... seed to send it's going to be a busy next few weeks ... to all that have helped me with seed .. a big thank you .. and to those that have a bonnet or hybrid I would love to hear from you

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#1503216 Tridents Bonnet Set - Season 4

Posted by Trident chilli on 04 November 2017 - 08:46 AM

Hey John, I wasn't able to keep up very well this year but tried to look back and check your latest pics.  Looks like overall you had a pretty good year.  That Jonah orange thing that looked like and SB7J last year for me really changed for you but looked nice.  Good looking pods though.  
How was the bahamian beasts?  Were they hot?  I see it looks like you didn't get any of the bahamian goat like shapes.  Not many people did.  Last years plant was a mix the first 6 or so pods all looked like giant habs.  Then the next wave probably 50 - 60 pods were shaped like perfect and large bahamian goats but read and hotter with thicker walls.  Then after that they got stingers.   The seeds from that has produced almost every color possible I think.  I have seen pods that were chocolate, peach, yellow (most common), red, olive, mustard, dirty orange, and white.  I have seen some bahamian goat shapes but the habanero shape is more common.  A friend in Italy grew 57 plants of them, he had many of these colors and did have at least one or a few plants with the perfect big red goat like pods.  havne't decided if I will grow any out next year I have received peach, yellow and red seeds from a friend in Chicago and the friend in Itally is going to send seeds from all his best plants.  My yellow one was pretty damn hot for a yellow hab like pod.  It did have some pods with the nice shape but they are still green and will be frozen soon.
I saw you had shape challenges on some varieties.  I often get long MOAs also.  Did you grow my Scotch Bonnet WHP?   This is my third year since it appeared as an unknown cross and the shapes are holding stable.  I have never had a long pheno and never a habanero like pheno, all of the shapes have been consistently bonnet like throughout the plant.

Justin your Bahamian Beasts grew the typical habanero shape I think our poor summer stopped them from getting a better shape. Great variety though lots of oil in each pod and they have dried well in the dehydrator for flakes/powder. Best surprise was the ScotchBrain Long from FB ... turned out to be a cross of yours with a Yellow BBG7. Your SB WHP is top of my list for 2018 ... your chilli Christmas card will be in the post in the next couple of weeks

#1503189 Hello

Posted by Trident chilli on 04 November 2017 - 06:12 AM

A very interesting read ... up cycling bamboo great idea .. I wish you all the very best for your grow Thoms if you have a bumper season that's an awful lot of pods your going to have to pick

#1503188 Meatfreak's 2017 Glog

Posted by Trident chilli on 04 November 2017 - 05:58 AM

Great varieties Stefan .. what are the yellow Bonnet shaped pods sixth picture down if I may ask

#1503187 MikeUSMC 2017 Grow

Posted by Trident chilli on 04 November 2017 - 05:52 AM

Great final harvest Mike plenty of pods there ... if you need anything Bonnet wise give me a shout

#1503186 Stickman's 2017 Minimalist Glog

Posted by Trident chilli on 04 November 2017 - 05:48 AM

Fresh from the garden beats all ... again you have had a great season Rick and it's good to see all your hard work going into those great looking sauces. Will get your chilli Christmas card away in the next couple of weeks

#1503184 Flavours of the Caribbean (Mainly)

Posted by Trident chilli on 04 November 2017 - 03:53 AM

Great effort Simmy ... odd that you cry with laughter at someone else's expense.. your expletive's make the review more natural

#1503183 Hello, where's my free sauce?

Posted by Trident chilli on 04 November 2017 - 03:33 AM

Hello and welcome from the UK