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Aji White Lightning Bolt

27 December 2016 - 08:39 AM

I'm starting this thread so if anyone is wondering what aji white lightning bolt is. I have added these seeds to the trump seed train and will be adding more to another seed train soon.

To those that do not know, last season I received some seeds from a seed train - THP member Bpiela.

They were labeled aji penec, but once they grew out we figured it was either a cross or possibly a mutation. (It's been racking my brain trying to figure out who the dad is.)LOL
Greatfully, we finally figured it out.

(Aji Penec X Aji Melocoton.)
These pods have there own unique shapes to them. They start off as a VERY light green and start turning an off whitish color, then if left long enough, they turn a creamish or very light peachish color. Some not all started to develop a purple hue to the pods only in the late season, around August or september +.
There's VERY little seeds in each pod. I have never noticed any soapy after taste in these. They have a great flavor and have medium baccatum heat.

I've never eaten either aji penec or aji melocoton, so I cannot compare them to this cross.

Below Are Some pictures snd some pods From the plant I grew this season.







Aji dulce - purple??

13 February 2016 - 01:09 PM

I received a few seeds of aji dulce from a seed train from THP member Ryan Dulac.

Well I planted 2 per solo cup. I always cull the slower grower. One had a normal green color and the other had purple leaves.
I culled the normal looking one. I kept the purple looking plant. Is this an off pheno or just crossed with something?
I PM'd Ryan and am waiting for his input.

In the near future, I will update this thread of the final product.

Here's some pics of it as of today.



Another Strange mutation (Have you seen this before?)

02 February 2016 - 09:58 PM

Last year I grew the 4.5 cotyledon plant that grew true with 4 nodes per set.

This year I placed a few seeds of my olive green habanero. One sprouted quick and one followed about 1.5 weeks later, but the cotyledons are fused together into a cone. I been waiting to see the true leaves which come from the center normally. I just looked and see so true leaves yet in the center, but so far I see one leaf below the cotyledon. There's not another yet on the other side.

I will update you all with what happens with this plant.

Below is a pic about a week ago


These pics are from today. Look how far down where a true leaf is forming.



My Olive Green Habanero MUTATION!

14 November 2015 - 09:31 AM

I just wanted to share with you all a natural mutation that grew out for me in this years 2015 grow.
I was growing four plants of chocolate habanero. (seeds I purchased from Judy at pepperlover.com).
Three plants grew true and one mutated and the fruit ripened to stay olive green color until it rots. When I cut open the peppers the placenta color was yellow. The pepper had a great taste. They were very hot and to me were hotter than my chocolate habs.
I have shared half of my harvested seeds with Judy since she will be helping to stabilize this new variety and share it with others as she wishes.
I didn't get too many pods off this plant as I had 94 plants in a 15'x25' plot and this plant was way in the back and crowded over it early on in the year. It will be overwintered next year as also f1 seeds will be grown.
Here are pictures of some very ripe pods.

Indirect sunlight


This pod was getting soft due to being over ripe. I didn't pick it earlier to make sure there wouldn't be any color change.


Some pics with some direct sunlight.



I have also added some of these F1 seeds in Jeff's (capcom's) wild seed train to share with some THP members.

Thanks for viewing! :)


I need your help on this one my friends!

27 May 2015 - 10:48 AM

Alright my friends,
I now feel the pain when you receive purchased seeds and they are not what there suppose to be.
I purchased (jalapeño cracked) from a very reliable seller. I will not mention who sold me them, because I know it wasn't on purpose and too much good comes from this seller.

The part that hurts is I started these plants back in January and now are very mature plants and taking a whole row of my soil space.

At first when the peppers were developing I assumed they are gonna be very long jalapeños and will thicken up later. They have not but are getting even longer and look more like a long serrano. I doubt it's a Serrano as it does not have fuzzy leaves. I will most likely yank out all but one plant.

Does any of you know what these are?

I will email the seller and hopefully they can make it right.