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#1121472 FireMe - Glog - 2015

Posted by FireMe on 21 February 2015 - 07:30 AM

Hi my name is Paul AKA FireMe, I a 26 year old from the United Kingdom. I have no real previous growing experience of any kind always wanted to try it out. I have a love of hot and spicy foods and with a visit to the eden project UK which are artificial bio-domes (pictures below of eden project) last year and looking at the variety of chillies there are. I never really realised the amount that there was. 
at the end of my visit I was inspired and decided to purchase some packs of seeds from the shop they had and give it ago. The types I purchased Early Jalapeno, Pencil Cayenne and Prairie Fire.
I was eagerly awaiting as I wanted to germinate the seeds. I did my reasearch and it seemed that UK growers would start there germination in January. For harvest in June/July and later. So to give them the best chance I ended up purchasing a heated propergator. From a company called Garland which was a trio top electric windowsill propagator(picture of the prop).

January -
I planted 10 seeds of each chilli that I had purchased a few weeks later I had a full ten shoots from the Early Jalapeno, Pencil Cayenne but not one shoot from the Prairie Fire. two weeks later with still no sign I decided to uncover the seeds I could find (which was 7) and put them on surface with damp kitchen paper on top a few days later I had shoots and then the Prairie Fire soon overtook the other chillies that I had replanted in to individual pots(picture below).
Febuary -
The Early Jalapeno and Pencil Cayenne started to look realy leggy, but the Prairi Fire looked fine still in propergator. I asked on this forum which I was advised to add light to them. after looking around on the internet I decided to go with a product from the same company of the propergator and I puchased this Grow Light Garden system. Which they are now reciving constant light 16/7 (picture Bellow)
some of the seedlings had died off before I had chance to get the system, so I am down to a total of 20 seedlings now under the light. 7 of which are the Prairie Fire and the other 13 are a mixture of the Early Jalapeños and Pencil Cayenne haven't had a good look to see how many of each I think there are more Jalapeños.

#1117690 Seedlings.. are these normal for age? Jalapeno, Cayenne & Prairie Fire

Posted by FireMe on 14 February 2015 - 07:18 AM


I'm new to the forum and chilli/hot pepper growing. I sowed these seeds in my propagator in very early January(I guess to early), and there is a mix of "Early Jalapeno", "Pencil Cayenne" and "Prairie Fire". Also I am in the UK.

The Jalapeno and the Cayenne soon shot up with 2 good leaves towards the end on Jan. So I decided - I didn't want to force them in prop so I re-planted into individual seedling pots. there was no sign of the Prairie Fire until about a week later. I didn't have any pots left so I kept them in the prop, which seems to have helped them massively.

So my question is are the Jalapeno's and Cayenne's seedling ok for there age or should there be a lot more growth, they seem a lot more leggy compared to the Prairie Fire seedlings which have lots of leaves.

I just thought they should of had a lot more leaves like the "Prairie Fire" has for how long they have been germinated? also some of the leaves of the Jalapeno and Cayenne seem to have some black tips on the leaves, does anyone know what has caused this?

Jalapeno and Cayenne below



Prairie Fire below



Thanks in advance

FireMe AKA "Paul"