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In Topic: Dennish 2017 - It's Chilli in Yorkshire

Today, 07:54 AM

Troops are in formation. Fantastic!

TS CARDI is a amazing looking plant. Congrats on the Body Snatcher pods.

Very nice picture of the Rocoto flower.

Thanks Chuck!


The pod is actually TS CARDI, no Bodysnatcher pods as yet... hopefully soon enough.

In Topic: LAND OF THE GIANTS 2017 - Biggest Bonnet Competition

Today, 01:46 AM




How old is it?


Thanks!  I planted it early January, straining at the leash for a bigger pot now but will have to wait as another 6 weeks to plant out in the GH here at the earliest.

In Topic: Dennish 2017 - It's Chilli in Yorkshire

Yesterday, 12:27 PM

Couldn't resist a few pics of the plants today in the sun!  Growlight now fully retired and natural light only.
Operation Takeover is well underway, ornaments removed and the troops are taking up positions!  :lol: 
First flower from this years plants, Rio Huallaga Rocoto - thanks Heefy for the seed.
First pod of the year is from 6 year old TS CARDI, nicely lobed and filling out every day!  I've introduced a half strength feed of Greenhouse Sensations Nutrigrow for the old boy now, every other watering at first.
Here are the Bodysnatcher F3 plants, really rocketing... I'm watering every other day as there are lots of leaves to sustain from those small pots.  Early flowering and fruiting is the goal so that I can select the pod shapes I want to grow on.
A couple of special late starts starting to grow a bit too...

In Topic: Growdown Throwdown 2017 Aji Lemon Drop!

21 March 2017 - 05:33 AM

I've chosen the topped plant and binned the other... the little fella is now starting to get a spurt on, lots of main strong laterals ready to shoot in every direction!  I need to keep him on the leash for a while yet due to space limitations, another 6 weeks till plant out time and final pot.  Currently in a 1l pot, I may use an intermediate 3l pot in a couple of weeks... as I don't want growth to stall or push into early fruiting.


Now on a windowsill with natural light only for the last week or so, growlight has been retired for the season now Spring has finally sprung!


In Topic: LAND OF THE GIANTS 2017 - Biggest Bonnet Competition

21 March 2017 - 05:00 AM

Some great looking plants and early pods! Here is my plant, I've now ditched the topped plant and chosen my main gladiator... just starting to bud and fork.7553dcb93e01921d5b694eacd88b3b4f.jpg