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In Topic: Making a new Chilli! Aji Bodysnatcher

16 June 2017 - 10:02 AM

So time for an update... the F3 generation of Aji Bodysnatcher are well underway!  


I grew 6 plants in 1l pots, starting the seed at the beginning of January.  The plants are pretty vigourous and all had very similar habits initially...





Young plants...





This is about as big as they get in 1l pots before being forced into early fruiting...



Typical baccatum flowers



I have now selected two with the desired phenotype for growing out in the greenhouse in bigger pots.  


The pod shapes are spot on and they seem even more productive than last year!  






Have you ever seen branches so loaded!?  Can't wait till they ripen...



In Topic: Making a new Chilli! Aji Bodysnatcher

16 June 2017 - 09:49 AM



Hey Dennish, great work there! Sick looking pods. Could you share your method with us? I've been looking into growing just to cross, and breeding plants in 1l pots sounds perfect. What is your approach?


Sorry for the lack of reply b3rnd!  I missed this completely.  I've followed the excellent guide on Fatalii.net  generally and had good success.


I find that using 1l pots forces early fruiting and allows me to grow a larger sample of plants to determine pod shapes before I select the ones I like for growing out in bigger pots.  This has also allowed me to do two generations in the same calendar year in the UK!

In Topic: Dennish 2017 - It's Chilli in Yorkshire

15 June 2017 - 05:34 AM

Oh, YUK   :sick:

I hope you can figure that one out, Dennis.

Maybe their is something that you can treat

the res with that wouldn't affect the plants/roots.


On the other hand, that is a couple of fine specimens

you've got there.  the cross should be very good.  


And hot   :fireball:

Thanks Paul, I've never seen anything like it... think I am going to add some non toxic water butt cleaner (safe to plants apparently) to the res's to try and prevent the slime coming back and the bacteria spreading, it's too late in the day to start re-potting everything in new compost without too much disturbance to the plants so I'm just going to have to find a way to manage it.

In Topic: Dennish 2017 - It's Chilli in Yorkshire

14 June 2017 - 02:44 AM

Despite the plants looking happy, I'm battling some kind of primordial slime / iron bacteria at the moment but so far the plants seem unaffected, think I've had a contaminated batch of B&Q compost  :evil: I've had to clean all the affected res's and wicks and am crossing my fingers I've somehow contained it at this point.  I think it is iron bacteria present in the soil which is causing rust like deposits, rusty mold like growth blooming on the wicks and res walls and slime clumps in the res water... the stuff of nightmares!  Any ideas on what this is and how to tackle it would be greatly appreciated?!
Meanwhile, in happier news this year's new cross has revealed its colour, one of the early small pods has ripened... 
Yorkshire Barghest F1 (Trinidad Scorpion CARDI x Bhut Orange Copenhagen) is a really vivid orange, similar if not deeper orange than BOC! Can't wait to see the big boys ripen up and try one! The mature pods are like massive drop shaped Nagas with Scorpion stingers, hoping they are nice and hot.
And this little fellow is Dragon's Breath looking forward to seeing what he brings

In Topic: LAND OF THE GIANTS 2017 - Biggest Bonnet Competition

11 June 2017 - 03:15 AM

Here's my entry of the biggest pod my only MOA Bonnet plant produced.
Weighed in at 19 grams.
Girth measured in at 148mm.
Please let me know if I haven't met the required rules for measurements before I eat this pod.
Best of luck to all who enter.

Nice pod Shorerider well done! Photos spot on, I make that a score of 33.8... I'll post up a leader board soon [emoji3]