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The 10th Annual Hot Pepper Awards Winners Announced!


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In Topic: LAND OF THE GIANTS 2017 - Biggest Bonnet Competition

07 August 2017 - 01:57 PM

Wow Great progress all, well done! I'll be posting leaderboard so far tomorrow.

Personally, I'm gutted my only MOA plant looks to be an unintentional cross and off pheno, sob [emoji26]


In Topic: Dennish 2017 - It's Chilli in Yorkshire

24 July 2017 - 12:53 PM

Tonight's pickings...


Aji Bodysnatcher F3 showing good uniform shapes...

In Topic: Dennish 2017 - It's Chilli in Yorkshire

22 July 2017 - 02:40 AM

Body snatchers are looking awesome Dennis! Congrats!
Amazing how fast your generations are going. Looks like you got pretty lucky on your first selections.

Yeah I think I've been lucky, I've only been able to grow six plants to select from for each generation. Two of the six had the desired pheno at F3.

In Topic: Dennish 2017 - It's Chilli in Yorkshire

22 July 2017 - 02:37 AM

Fantastic update, Dennis.

I like the Bodysnatcher. Congrats! Sounds like a winner! Extra heat, can't go wrong with that.

Your Rocoto looks stunning. Hope you get some pods from her.

Yorkshire Barghest has a nice shape and color. How's the flavor? I would be interested in growing that out for you.

Sorry to hear about the MOA. Just curious, is it still flowering? I grew some that looked like that. They had good flavor, but not the desired shape. That was the first round of pods. I had some later pods that showed more true pheno.

Take care, Dennis and enjoy your weekend.


Cheers Chuck!

I've had about half a dozen Rocoto pods so far, caught me by surprise with the heat!

Yorkshire Barghest has a really nice flavour along with the heat, not bitter at all yet strong fruitiness. I'll send you some seed later in the season, not sure how practical it would be to send pods.

In Topic: Dennish 2017 - It's Chilli in Yorkshire

21 July 2017 - 04:02 PM

Long overdue update... things moving through the gears on this years grow quite nicely and the greenhouse is really filling up.

I've evicted Rio Huallaga Rocoto and Beaver Damn to create some much needed space, they don't seem to mind the spot up against the warmth of a south facing wall.

My crosses have been a huge success so far. Aji Bodysnatcher F3 plants are prolific and producing the large bulbous pods I'm after, the mature plants now pumping out pods with the spikey texture too. The Lemon Drop taste profile is retained along with the juiciness and thicker walls... and I swear this year's pods are even hotter than the previous generation. I've been a bit busy, so only just sown the F4 seed. I'm hoping to achieve ripe pods and be ready to go with the F5 generation in the New Year.

Yorkshire Barghest F1 has been my best plant and favourite pods of the season to date, I'd put them in the superhot bracket and I think those that have tried them would agree. Along with the heat, the flavour is great, really fruity and they work well in a chilli or curry. I'll be seeking help with the growout of F2 next season, so if you want a pod and seeds let me know.

My growdown Lemon Drop chucking out load of pods, I’m at 603g so far for the season.

Gutted that my SB MOA isn’t true, it’s some kind of blocky superhot which I can’t bring myself to like.

Elsewhere in the GH, most things are podding up now. Starting to get toms and cucumbers regularly too.

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