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In Topic: What was the last spicy meal you cooked?

Yesterday, 11:14 PM

Huk8dYa.jpgHuge roasted/peeled ripe Jalapeno, roast chicken breast, roasted/peeled Jalapeno

some orange tomato from the garden, and fresh lime wedges and a light dusting of Mexican oregano...


MZUz5t1.jpgMuenster and Havarti sliced cheeses  {why? because those are the white cheeses we had until i remembered she bought more Cotija }



over a bed of 'Spanish rice' with black beans, avocado slices, more lime wedges, and tortillas cooked crispy...








In Topic: Make your best taco.

Yesterday, 08:38 PM

Dundee MI.




Pop was in the nam.


I was in 6th grade.


Grandma had a barn.


With a hayloft.


My 2 younger brothers liked to play with matches.


It was a great camp fire!


Praise God no one got hurt.


I took the heat.


Because I was there and let it happen.


Me soooo stupid.


I was raised a die hard catholic.


My dear sweet ma' made me get with the local priest.


To determine wether or not I was of satan.


And if I should be strangled in my sleep.


He was an old dude.


Chain smoked cigarettes.


And drank real booze.


But forget all that.


He was a good man.


My punishment was to be altar boy.


No homo.


3 days a week.


For 6am mass.


Before school.


I wore the monkey suit.


Knelt down.


And rang the bells.


Which I was damn good at!!!


I especially rocked it on sunday.


When my dear sweet mother and grandmother were all up in that bitch.


For 3 months!!!




Not long afterward...


I got a heart phone call from the real Jesus.


He let me know how much I screwed up.


And then he said...


"I got you bro'!"


"And call me Chuey."


Since that time.


He's schooled me on how to make tacos.


And other 'thangs.


THP et. al. like to be liking flat tacos.


So today was flat taco day.


attachicon.gif IMG_0920.JPG


I made this.


attachicon.gif IMG_0923.JPG


I ate it like manna from heaven.


My dear sweet mother is 82 years old and still loves me.


But she could be jivin' too!





True taco story.








































In Topic: Make your best taco.

Yesterday, 08:23 PM


In Topic: Make your best taco.

Yesterday, 05:37 PM


I'm still making sides, the meat is cooking and I'm gonna start more stuff soon.


This salsa verde came out awesome packed with flavor. Not bad for a Cajun if I say so myself.


I roasted the tomatillos, garlic, hatch peppers and onions
I cleaned out the pepper seeds and then it was all the kids in the pool with salt, black pepper, about 5 sprigs of cilantro stems and all, 1/2 cup of water and some chicken bouillon powder for a little flavor.
I simmered it for 15 minutes to thicken it up a little and the video I watched said all Mexican Moms do that to make it last longer in the fridge. I don't know about that but the Hatch peppers go fantastic in this sauce!!!! I could kill a bag of chips with this stuff.




:drooling:   okay, now add heavy cream, serve like soup with a grilled cheese  quesadilla "sammich" and you could win a  sandwich throwdown  :rofl: 

In Topic: Coolest Ripening Pics...

Yesterday, 12:18 PM