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Malformed leaves

13 May 2016 - 09:20 AM

Hi everyone,


This is my second year to be growing hot peppers and they were doing really well. However, they are getting some gnarly leaves now. I have my peppers in Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil, and I only try to water when the soil starts to get dry, however it has been raining some. I did have some aphids on them and I have sprayed Neem and pyrethrin at different times as well. The new leaves do not have any aphids or other bugs on them so I am not sure if I have a nutrient deficiency. Help would be truly appreciated. I also placed the fox farm tomato fertilizer as well when I mixed the soil. These are my ghost and trinidad scorpion peppers. 


My first time posting pics so please excuse my ignorance.


I'm trying to post pics using imgur but states not allowed in this community?

So I will try direct links, sorry everyone.