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#1611706 FoNzie is back with a brand new LED setup... soon

Posted by FiresOfNil on 07 February 2019 - 11:19 AM

Good to be back!

Lets see these leds

When I get home, I'll see if I can update with some pics of the light/tent setup.

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#1610735 FoNzie is back with a brand new LED setup... soon

Posted by FiresOfNil on 03 February 2019 - 03:16 PM

Hello everyone,


Some may remember me from a couple years back as a content contributor who shared his grow log and time lapse videos. Most probably have no idea who I am (not that I am of any particular significance).


Well I've got news, lots has changed in my life. I am back to school and no longer working long hours in retail management. Instead I am taking 18 credit hours a semester and working for free as a research intern (have a late-breaking abstract I coauthored for Experimental Biology 2019!)

The news relevant to all the passionate growers and chili heads here is my LED grow is coming back, and I also have new things to offer the community as a member of the biology community now (yay science).


A disclaimer I have no super-hots picked out for this particular grow season yet, but my tent will be full.  :shh:


Hope to contribute to the community once again and hope to find some of my old friends and make new friends!



FiresOfNil, the FoNz

#1452901 FoNzie's Indoor/Outdoor maximal super awesome garden

Posted by FiresOfNil on 04 May 2017 - 01:22 PM

About 1/3 planted out so far - raised bed project delayed til next season so open layout garden this year. For the cold wet conditions we've been having plants still look very happy to be outside. The cumra Cherry's that set fruit before transplant have not dropped the pods yet which is impressive given that they must be transplant and temperature shocked right now. Nice cultivar!f702c999a767bebb0b90a0088f3008e7.jpg

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#1451789 FoNzie's Indoor/Outdoor maximal super awesome garden

Posted by FiresOfNil on 30 April 2017 - 10:55 PM

So today I had my brother over helping on the garden now that plant out is nigh. The raised beds this year are being put on hiatus instead using an open garden layout for the time being.
Tomorrow I till in some pro mix to lighten the thick (but very rich) loamy soil, and start planning my plant out!9209bc3b330e13454c0f8dcd15f7936b.jpg

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#1418741 New Growth Curling/Bumpy

Posted by FiresOfNil on 09 February 2017 - 10:49 AM

After moving a plant to the sun leaves can get lighter, they can even get sunburned which typically manifests itself as white blotches on your leaves, I don't see any of that so you should be good. I wouldn't worry about buying it with anything out of the ordinary and would have to agree with Karoo.

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#1418739 Coffee Grinds

Posted by FiresOfNil on 09 February 2017 - 10:43 AM

Used coffee grounds are significantly less acidic - almost neutral - but they do add a decent boost nitrogen uncomposted.
But as a pH amendment it is unlikely that you will see a swing one way or the other. Hope that helps!

Oh and I remembered - grounds can also discourage some soil borne pests.

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#1416775 Leaf curling problem and more -- Help

Posted by FiresOfNil on 04 February 2017 - 11:58 PM

If you ask me... Neem Oil looks even scarier D:

#1415632 PaulG 2017

Posted by FiresOfNil on 03 February 2017 - 12:04 AM

Thanks, Jared - mother nature has a pretty good

game plan if we just provide a nice space for her

babies and let her do her  work!


Good luck with moving to a warmer climate  :lol: I've

had that exact thought a thousand times.  It's a good

thing we can use indoor lights and greenhouses!


I've moved them to a nice space where they sit comfortably in the 80-85 degree range, and they are now starting to take off much faster... In fact I will probably be spending a large amount of time tomorrow moving a lot of seedlings into solo cups. Thank goodness for indoor lights and greenhouses (grow tents too) indeed! :D

#1414988 FoNzie's Indoor/Outdoor maximal super awesome garden

Posted by FiresOfNil on 01 February 2017 - 06:55 PM

Super space station grow tent deluxe built for the second time, great tent... hard to build.

Okay now time to recover for a moment and then start moving the rest of the grow stuff upstairs and into the tent.

#1414919 PaulG 2017

Posted by FiresOfNil on 01 February 2017 - 04:22 PM

Rocking it paul, those 3 week old Aji Amarello's look darn good. I've gotta move my peppers to warmer climates so I can catch up!

#1414914 FoNzie's Indoor/Outdoor maximal super awesome garden

Posted by FiresOfNil on 01 February 2017 - 04:17 PM

Germ about 87% right now out of the planted seeds so far.

But bigger news - MojoPepper seeds arrived today! (Actually much shorter than his advertised lead time)

Mojo also threw in 2 extra varieties so once again my list is growing...

Added to the cultivars are:

18. PeachGUM TigerMAMP V1 (Love Enrico's crazy naming schemes)


19. Yaki Blue Fawn


I already had a huge grow compared to last year but now my variety has grown by 7 cultivars thanks to extra seeds from PepperLover.com, Rareseeds.com and now Mojopepper at Chilipepperseeds.tictail.com. Fantastic!


I also will be once again bringing back two favorites from last year. Today (tentatively) I will be reassembling Le Grow Tente and setting up my Time Lapse Camera as the controlled temperature and airflow I am about to add is bound to cause some FUN growth spurts that will make for great multi species time lapses! Stay tuned!

#1414048 Devv-2017-Having a good time in the dirt

Posted by FiresOfNil on 30 January 2017 - 06:47 PM

The older plants, oh boy, I'm already in trouble. They are getting way too big too fast. But.....this is way better than tiny.


I have to agree, I admire (envy) all your plants that are now growing too fast. I like that struggle more than the wait for them to settle in as tiny buggers before they start having growth spurts... I'm at the waiting for tiny plants to grow stage...




My Pubes in the #1 pots were on the driveway when the 40mph winds ran through here a few days ago. It beat them up pretty bad and I need a whipping for leaving them out there. One plant looked like a torch had been put up to it. All the leaves are toasted; thankfully it's putting new growth on. Too embarrassed to show them  :confused:  :rolleyes:  Film at 11....


Well, if you let your pubes air out in public in some places (Key West comes to mind) you will likely find someone to do the whipping. But never be embarrassed to show your pubes proudly, regardless of how good or bad you think they look.

#1414039 FoNzie's Indoor/Outdoor maximal super awesome garden

Posted by FiresOfNil on 30 January 2017 - 06:34 PM


Wow cool man! That is just pure awesomeness. Cool luck growing it out :)


So the purple flash strain has some very strong genetics as evidenced by the strong dark color, but it must be very prone to tricotyledon because a new sprout has the same mutation. Overall the mutant purple flash's seem to be growing at the same pace but it is hard to tell until I have some with true leaves.


In other news, Mojopepper seeds still inbound and all my cultivars have sprouted and are doing well. This has led me to planting some of my secret seeds in the mean time. Today I set aside 3 cells for last years intentional crossing of infinity and 7p Jonah - they are both similar in heat and vigor but with different flavors and colors (infinity grew out with a partial orange mostly red pod at maturity - my jonahs looked like... jonahs).


So added to the grow list is 


17 - Infinite Jonah F1

#1412795 FoNzie's Indoor/Outdoor maximal super awesome garden

Posted by FiresOfNil on 28 January 2017 - 05:54 AM

Big update following, apologies but not all are peppers... these are my seed tray as they are this morning. First tray was sowed 1/19/2017, second tray 1/20/2017, third and fourth trays 1/21/2017 (save the 3 rows being saved for Mojopeppers seeds once they get here)

First Tray



Second Tray



Third Tray



Fourth Tray



Everything is moving right along, good germ rates and speed so far this season but I am a very impatient parent... wish all my babies would have germ'd by now.

Some other cool things, Purple flash pheno is coming strong in some of the seedlings and I have my 2 mutant Purple Flash seedlings, both with 3 coty's!




I like that one of the mutants is showing a different pigmentation pattern with the anthocyanin being focused near the cotyledon's base. Understanding that some coty mutations also lead to poor production on plants - I will still pick the stronger of the two and grow it out. So excited for them to grow more and up-pot. Will be moving to solo cups at second set of true leaves across the board. Not sure if the grow table my wife built for me will be big enough but it has been awesome so far. Awesome wife! :D :D :D :onfire:

#1412525 FoNzie's Indoor/Outdoor maximal super awesome garden

Posted by FiresOfNil on 27 January 2017 - 05:12 PM

So yesterday I was commenting on bernd's glog in regards to his cool 4 coty - noting that I have never had a multiple coty mutant. Today I wake up to two 3 coty purple flash's.


Thanks for the luck bernd!


link to the post for prosperity: http://thehotpepper....2017/?p=1412298