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FoNzie is back with a brand new LED setup... soon

03 February 2019 - 03:16 PM

Hello everyone,


Some may remember me from a couple years back as a content contributor who shared his grow log and time lapse videos. Most probably have no idea who I am (not that I am of any particular significance).


Well I've got news, lots has changed in my life. I am back to school and no longer working long hours in retail management. Instead I am taking 18 credit hours a semester and working for free as a research intern (have a late-breaking abstract I coauthored for Experimental Biology 2019!)

The news relevant to all the passionate growers and chili heads here is my LED grow is coming back, and I also have new things to offer the community as a member of the biology community now (yay science).


A disclaimer I have no super-hots picked out for this particular grow season yet, but my tent will be full.  :shh:


Hope to contribute to the community once again and hope to find some of my old friends and make new friends!



FiresOfNil, the FoNz

FoNzie's Indoor/Outdoor maximal super awesome garden

06 January 2017 - 12:47 AM

In the ever awesome excitement of having an almost 25ftx10ft area to build raised beds and my own home now. I figured it's time to grow again (like plants and the size of my garden). Due to the move I have been on hiatus and had made a final harvest of peppers from last season. I have had more remaining peppers than I can feasibly enjoy, all preserved in one form or another.

So, maybe 20+ peppers plants is too much for 1 young couple?




I will be germing 100 288 plants this year with the goal to keep all healthy plants (last years germ was around 97% - so this might be a lot).


I will be expanding my horizons though, here is my grow list.


2017 Plants
Hydro Plants
1 Juliet - Sauce Tomato
2 Black Cherry - Cherry Tomato
3 Amethyst Improved - Pesto Basil
4 Italian Large Leaf - Pesto Basil
5 Conchos - C. Annuum  :dance:
6 Red Rosie - Romaine Lettuce
7 Auvona - Romaine Lettuce
8 Carmel - Spinach
Garden Plants
1 Giant Red Stuffed - C. Annuum :dance:
2 Tatli Sus - C. Annuum :dance:
3 Hot Banana Pepper - C. Annuum :dance:
4 Purple Flash - C. Annuum :dance:
5 Pink Tiger - C. Chinense :onfire:
6 RedGUM Nagabrain TMAMP - C. Chinense :onfire:
7 Sugar Rush Cream - C. Baccatum :dance:
8 Black Beauty Tomato - Heirloom Tomato
9 Blush Tomato - Sauce Tomato
10 Elan - Strawberry
11 Chamomile - Flower
12 Greek Oregano - Herb
Seeds will be on their way shortly. Will update when closer to germ.

Bumper to bumper... Crop

15 October 2016 - 03:52 PM

So we had a soft frost a few days ago - and I finally had a time to harvest my small area loaded with plants. We are in the middle of a move so I don't have my kitchen scale but I did pick conservatively 3 lbs of peppers off my small balcony. a0eaebeb5f0e8d3c6051a001918d78ed.jpg941d8eb524a396bcc7f3b27126a84f58.jpg

The plan right now is to freeze my boatload of Jonah's and fataliis for a super secret sauce plan I have. And to cook with, dry, and eat the rest over winter. I just hope 3 lbs of peppers can hold me over.

Time Lapse Gone Wrong...

15 June 2016 - 09:23 PM

So, while working on the Fourth of July "Blooming Like Fireworks" time lapse something went terribly wrong.



Due to limited space as video'd above, I will be ceasing time lapses in the tent for the foreseeable future. Though I may work on another yet to be determined project.

You know what they say about guys with big leaves?...

15 May 2016 - 05:17 PM

The Official Size Queen Thread

(The title spot in this thread had to be big for obvious reasons)


This is the official spot to post your large... anything*! (*Pepper related in some form or another). It occurs to me that we grow peppers, and as growers of things we like our things to grow big and preferably tasty. Now, I realize there likely exists other topics that involve said things and their sizes but figured why not make a centralized location for all things big and desirable. So feel free to take your pictures or peppers, flowers, leaves, plants or even pests of obnoxious and extraordinary size and post them here.


Bring it on, let's see what kind of big pics you all have of things you have encountered in your pursuit of fieriness! Bring the heat!


(Don't all post at once, here, I'll start)



Image courtesy of Fires Of Nil and THAT'S A HUGE F**KING LEAF, LLC