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Start of season sauce

11 October 2018 - 04:34 AM

I am at the start of my new season and about 2 months away from harvesting enough peppers for sauce and I am running out of sauce . I decided to clean out my fridge , dedicated to beer and peppers , and my clean out my allotted space in the pantry . 


I found the following ;

- dried orange Thai 2016

- dried red Thai 2015

- dried Guajillo peppers

- Dried African Birds eye peppers from Madagascar , called Pili Pili.

- white beetroot pickled with onions and Chupetinho peppers

- Red Aji mash from March 2018 , including Aji Colorado and Bubba

- A mix of Choc Hab and Chupetinho powder from 2016

- the left over juice from a Jalapeno pickle , including all the Pickling spices.

- Pickled Chupetinho with Onions


I think I will make a sauce. :dance:


I will keep you updated.


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Hot Peppers Cooking Measurement Conversion Charts

28 September 2018 - 03:14 AM

I tried to get a shorter title but failed .


Here on the southern tip of Africa we are still shaking off the last Cold fronts of winter and trying to get our plants up and going. First ripe pods at least 6 weeks away.


This week I started digging in my powders and frozen mash from 2-3 seasons ago to make some sauce , but I don't have any ideas of the quantities ! I have no idea how many Trinidad Scorpions it takes to make a cup of powder. How many Chocolat Habaneros in 500 grams of frozen mash?



For example;( not accurate)

Moruga scorpion pods;  average weight per pod = 30 grams

                                           200 grams fresh= 80 grams dried

                                            100grams of dried powder = 20 pods

Reaper :  500grams of mash = 100 pods 



Maybe not a discussion thread , just post your knowledge and personal findings.

Thank you .

Fastest peppers , seed to ripe?

21 August 2018 - 02:05 AM

What is the fastest pepper you have ever grown , from seed to ripe full color pepper?


My guess will be a Annuum , here is why I am asking. My Pimiento de Padron , seeds planted on 20 June 10 ,

72 days ago . 


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Low tech grow tech.

14 August 2018 - 01:10 PM

Not the textbook on what to do, but just my personal experience.
Due to abundance of sunshine and warm weather I only use my grow box for 4 to 5 weeks a year to get me out of deep winter and into spring.
So it is all low budget and al recycled materials.
CFL lights on 24/7.

So here I am on day 63, I started way too early this year, with fruit setting!
It's only Annuums, but I'm very happy.
No light cycles.
Just CFL 24 /7.

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Karoo 2018/19 Glog African Adventure

10 June 2018 - 03:59 AM

Hi everybody.

Starting early this year . i just can't help myself, first frost hits and all i can think about is germinating a few seeds.



In small pots with coco coir/compost 50/50.

In insulated container with heat mat .

Temp 28-30 C.



Will stay in small pots , fits in trays , easy to move . For about 3 months.

I have a small , wooden grow box/cabinat with cfl lights.


Grow area:

two areas under 40% shadenet/birdproofing .

Biggest area, two one meter high raised beds , filled with 90% pure compost 

Second area , large containers partially buried in the ground to keep them cool.



germination , 50/50 , cococoir/compost

after that 90% compost with added  ash , spent coffee grounds , fine eggshells etc.

Compost is my own , from garden cuttings , leaves and branches , just left in a hole in the ground for at least 2 years.


No added nutes . The year I am going to experiment with sheep droppings from my Brother-in-law'sfarm. Real 2-5 year old droppings from the shaving shed.



Stay tuned , pics will follow.