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In Topic: TheGreenChileMonster Ferments Some Sauce

Today, 07:49 AM

What can I say? I still don't have my own Pubes :mope:

J/K :rofl: TGCM did send me a shit ton of seeds though (and pods and jelly!) Some "bullet proof" Pubescens varieties I'm looking forward to trying to grow next year. :pray:

I tried Rocotos and Orange Manzanos here last year, and the Summer was just too hot

All of the Pubescens seed varieties I sent you are very productive, and will definitely give you pods here in the NE.

I haven't had any luck growing manzanos here, though. The plants get huge, but I only get a handful of pods from them. I've grown both the red and orange varieties, but they don't seem to like my climate at all.

It's interesting since the rest of my Pubescens plants will get so weighed down with pods I have to stake them, and tie the branches up to support the weight.

In Topic: TheGreenChileMonster Ferments Some Sauce

Yesterday, 09:23 PM

If the peppers you grow rot in your fridge in one week I would recommend you buy a new fridge :P . Where does someone who doesn't have a kitchen keep their fridge anyway?  :rofl:
I've only ever made it once and GIP actually got more of it than I did.   :rofl:
It wasn't a fermented sauce, all the ingredients were fresh and I even hand picked the strawberries myself  :P . From memory it was more strawberries than Rocoto's, something like 2/3 strawberries to 1/3 Rocoto's (you can adjust this to your preference), ACV, some orange and lemon juice, and heaps of sugar. Think of it as a smooth, liquid jelly/jam.
I'm not a huge fan of heat with sweets or deserts, it's something I'm not accustomed to. There were quite a few people that really enjoyed it, just not my personal taste I guess.

Thanks for sharing! That seems pretty similar to a jelly, except without the pectin. I'll definitely be giving it a shot.

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Yesterday, 05:18 PM

Once you drink too many juicy beers you crave the dank. Then you crave the crisp, or refreshing. Then, the stouts, and sours, etc. I love the NEIPA but rotation is key or they actually start to get a bit similar and boring. YES I said it.

Very true, but when I drink an IPA, it better be juicy!

I still love stouts, saisons, and especially sours.

In Topic: Being Crafty

Yesterday, 05:02 PM

Yeah, that tends to happen once you start drinking the premium NEIPA hop bombs.

Luckily you have Tree House and Trillium near you.

In Topic: Being Crafty

Yesterday, 10:47 AM

Nothing wrong with a nice frosty brew to start the day off!